Exploiting A Grieving Family: Shameful Online Coverage Continues…

Ever since the passing of the beloved comedian Samir Ghanem, we’ve been appalled by the cliche headlines, posts and infringing content some media outlets and many social media users choose to comment with on the incident. 

Yet apparently, the whole online frenzy over the fact that Donia and Amy’s husbands were (literally just) heading the funeral, was nothing but the tip of the iceberg!


It’s been two weeks now and still, the grieving family remains the talk of town. People are not merely sending out well wishes and prayers for Dalal and the girls; everyone is sticking their nose where they shouldn’t. 

If having good intentions is your claim, just take a minute here and ask yourself whether your sappy posts are helping the family in question or merely adding insult to injury?

“Exclusive: Look who came to visit Samir Ghanem’s grave!” 

Too many questions come to mind, really. Who cares? Why should we care? Why do we have reporters over by his grave? Who’s allowing this mess?

As for regular social-media users, it’s just beyond us. Everyone can tell how the online troops are using this one family’s tragedy to get more reach and views.

It’s like the media and paparazzi stepping all over their privacy during the burial wasn’t enough. Filming their most vulnerable moments and throwing silly questions at their faces isn’t where we draw the line.

This is unethical. This is not journalism, it’s a flat-out crime. Or at least it should be. We think it’s high time we implement more strict laws granting privacy to celebrities. 

And let’s stop you right there. We know someone will be reading this right now and thinking “But they’re celebrities…they chose this life.”

 No. No one asks for this.

There’s a fine line between freedom of speech and and invading the privacy of others. And we think this is where people derailed. 

Just imagine Donia and Amy, scrolling through social media only to find their most private moments with their now gone father are forever on the Internet and being used as click-bait material!

So please, everyone, give the family some space and peace of mind. We highly recommend you do not encourage such harming content any further.

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