From Bad to Weird: Ranking All of Egypt’s Teen Movies!

While generally existing in the pre-2010’s, we’ve seen all the teen movies MBC 2 has had to offer and more. We’re not here to discuss Mean Girls or She’s the Man, though. What we’re here to discuss is a special segment of teen movies.

And that’s Egyptian teen movies. That’s right. You thought this category didn’t even exist but, apparently, it does and a lot of movies fall into it!

And you know what? It’s time to rank every single one of these movies. So, get ready.

Banat Sanawy

Okay, so one thing so we don’t get into this whole mess. It’s true, we once wrote up a defense of this movie that said we couldn’t judge it before it was out. But now that it’s out and we’ve seen it — this is literally the worst movie ever made and deserves the last place.

What was anyone thinking when making this movie? We doubt that even teenagers who have similar stories would like this.

Also, one word: put a trigger warning before you show a semi-graphic suicide scene.

3’azal El-Banat

Despite the iconic status some oldies reached, we can’t just let this bit go. This one only gets a second-to-last rating because it wasn’t as horrendous as the one just before it.

Other than that, we can’t pretend it’s not nightmarish. This is literally a movie about a love story between a teacher and his student. Also, who in their mind would think Leila Murad is a teenager?


A lot just goes on in this movie and a lot is given leeway because, fine, there’s a good story-line and a great cast and all.

But there’s just something generally wrong about teen movies in the black-and-white era…and yes, that’s next to the fact that almost every schoolgirl was dating grown men for the plot.

Mozakerat Moraheqa

Ah, the classic cautionary tale! This story is where this unstable genre kinda picks up with the literary references to Cleopatra and Antonio.

Do we wish that it would have been a more coherent and slightly less brutal ending? Sure, but we can’t deny the weight it had.

Asrar El-Banat

Don’t lie. You remember this movie with the surprising teenage pregnancy and that very vague ‘requiring parental approval’ warning at the beginning.

And the way the movie goes isn’t as incredibly ‘what the hell‘ as everything else. It offers a realistic portrayal of the rapidly deteriorating life of one teenage girl. But by the end, it gives you one story that still keeps you thinking.

El-Geel El-Rabe3

This is by the far the best of the movies on here. Know why? Because at least it’s funny in the realistic way. Who hasn’t done stupid stuff with their friends at one point? Sure, it might have not escalated to that point but still.

And honestly, we’re here for all the movies involving groups of people falling into a series of odd shenanigans.

What do you think? Unfair rankings?

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