Hair Lessons: Curly Girl Method DEBUNKED

Don’t let the curly hair groups fool you. Things weren’t at all like this years ago. In fact, having curly hair wasn’t seen as the blessing it is now. It was seen as something of a hassle because, well, no one knew how to take care of their hair.

And that is, of course, where a few methods emerged like a knight in shining armour. Methods like the Curly Girl Method, which people used to swear by.

Keyword here is ‘used to’. Yeah. Get ready we have a lot to unpack. 

So what is the Curly Girl Method?

If you’re into reading books about hair, you’ll be enjoying the origins of the Curly Girl Method since it’s based on the Curly Girl book by Lorraine Massey. And ever since its release, it’d gone so viral that the method itself has been practiced in most countries around the world.

Basically, the Curly Girl Method will want you to avoid a few key ingredients like sulphates, silicones, any dry alcohols, and using any type of heat on your hair

Rumored results and the CG Method pros

Through the Curly Girl Method, you should hope to have consistent, voluminous curls that look at once healthy and vibrant as well as un-frizzy and low-maintenance.

Sounds all good, right? We’d agree. When you say it like that, the Curly Girl Method sounds promising and even kind of alluring. Can you even imagine just going about your day and not worry about how your hair looks?

But here’s the thing, the Curly Girl Method has an equal amounts of disadvantages that will make you want to avoid it.

Some CG Method cons

One of the worst things about the Curly Girl Method is that, well, it’s not for all curls. See, the problem is the method acts like every type of curl is the same as the next, even when we know that it’s not true.

For example, while the CG Method absolutely condemns silicones, some curls actually thrive more in silicones, since silicones don’t have the same effect on all types of curls. Some curls need it and will not look better or healthier without it.

That, of course, goes without saying that some of the approved products are rare and if they aren’t then they are wildly expensive with convoluted routines to match. And don’t even get us started on how much the CG Method has a weird relationship with dyed hair (meaning, it’s an incredibly not-fun struggle).

And, honestly, if we compare all that the Curly Girl Method involves with the use of, say, flaxseed gel (i/e: bezr el-ketan), we’ll all automatically follow one of the two and it won’t be the former.

So, what are your thoughts?

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