How This One Cafe Allegedly Chose The Wrong Woman To Discriminate Against!

Two days ago, we came across this Facebook post by Dina Hashish, former writer and now Editor in Chief of Rahet Bally platform. Honestly, we were appalled. But we still expected the cafe in question to issue an official apology and put the whole thing to rest. 

But this wasn’t the case here…

Apparently, things blew out of proportion and not by the victim. No, by the alleged offenders themselves. Starting by spamming the above post with comments denying the whole thing, and using the fact that they allow hijabs in as evidence. Also, claiming that the group of girls fabricated this whole thing so they wouldn’t pay the bill. 

Aside from the latter accusation, that Hashish already addressed, why would they play the “hijab” card when no one even hinted about hijabophobia? 

They’re obviously being accused of something else. You see, it comes with many names like racism, discrimination, prejudice, targeted-hate…etc!

But ironically, the cafe runners weren’t aware of the fact that they literally chose the wrong people to mess with.

Basically since the woman they hung out to dry in front of her colleagues and everyone else in the place is a content-creator and is part of a huge online platform with millions of members. 

Hence, a backlash that forced the cafe in question to shut down all their official social media accounts. HOWEVER, the owner went on with his defaming accusations and victim-mask to local newspapers. 

All while the real victim, the lady in the black abbaya/dress, remained silent. In hopes of a proper apology that seems nowhere near. 

We think the current reality we live in is just sad, especially for women. Isn’t it enough that we have to fight daily for our basic human rights on the streets? Who needed patronising and condescension above everything else? 

We honestly hope the girl decides on taking legal action against those who allegedly made her feel less for wearing something different. But if she chooses not to, we think this backlash may just do her justice. 

Finally, we’d like to applaud her boss, Dina Hashish and the entire “Rahet Bally” community for their brave and honorable stand and support of their colleague!

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