LABRANDA Royal Makadi: Your Number One Destination For Everything!

To say that we had a blast at LABRANDA Royal Makadi, Hurghada is an understatement! 

About a week ago, we were delightfully invited to spend five days and experience all the Christmas festivities as well as a bunch of other amazing activities and facilities at the hotel. (And food, of course!)

But first, let us walk you through our journey at LABRANDA Royal Makadi from the very beginning:

We were transported from the airport via a fancy limo and were warmly greeted by one of the hotel’s sweetest and funniest drivers, Hassan. 

Upon arrival, we were welcomed with tasty refreshments and a number of friendly faces from the hotel staff. Not to mention the huge and beautifully decorated Christmas tree right in front of the hotel entrance.

And speaking of Christmas decorations, LABRANDA Royal Makadi really raised the bar so high this year with their holiday decorations – from little Santas everywhere to colorful ornaments and magnificent lighting. 

While we’re on it, we also need to point out that their Christmas playlist was so awesome! The festive music that was playing the entire time, whether in the reception area or at the beach and basically everywhere at the hotel, was so cheerful and instantly puts you in a good mood.

Next, we were escorted to our perfectly clean impeccable room with a wide beautiful sea-view terrace that was also overlooking the huge pools.

The day we arrived coincided the opening of the hotel’s World of Taste Food Festival. We can’t even begin to tell you how scrumptious and incredibly delicious every meal we had was. 

LABRANDA’s food festival brought different cuisines from all over the world! Throughout our five day stay, we had the chance to experience the Egyptian, Asian, Cuban, Greek, and Italian cuisines. Can you imagine?

The food festival was held at their “food promenade” and it usually takes place twice a month.

The same day also coincided the opening of their very unique Christmas Market where you can shop everything from ornaments to accessories, bags, toys, even spices, and much more!

On top of all that, LABRANDA’s awesome animation team usually entertains guests with some dance moves and live performances at night and indulges them in a lot of fun activities by the beach in the morning.

And since we mentioned the beach, we have to tell you that snorkeling lovers will have the time of their lives at LABRANDA because they won’t have to swim too far or dive too deep to be able to enjoy the wonders of the Red Sea!

Other than all those amazing qualities, what brings everyone back to LABRANDA Royal Makadi is their super cooperative and friendly staff. They help you create unforgettable memories that you always want to go back to see their amicable faces again.

“When you touch people’s hearts, they will never forget you, and that’s our strongest weapon,” said Hedi Ben Aissa, Cluster Manager MPH Egypt. 

With over 30 years of experience in the hospitality industry, Ben Aissa makes sure all his guests feel happy, at home, and appreciated.

We also encountered a lot of tourists who’ve been to LABRANDA numerous times before.

German guest Micheal Knapman, who was enjoying his stay in LABRANDA for the fourth time, said that he feels more safe and happy there than in his own hometown. 
While another German guest, Mrs. Silber, who’s been to LABRANDA 13 times, affirmed that it just feels like returning home.
“We are targeting the whole world at Meeting Point Hotels Egypt [LABRANDA Hotels & Resorts Makadi Bay] – the sky’s our limit when it comes to promoting our brand and making people happy,” said Amira El-Sherif, Head of Marketing MPH Egypt.
“In times of crisis and uncertainty, opportunities exist. Our Makadi properties, our flagship destination for MPH Egypt, have undergone an expansive change in all areas and aspects since reopening last June to be ready to own the upswing of the business, which we are confident will come back strong within 2021. We continue to grow our footprint in Egypt with a couple of projects in the pipeline to support our global growth plans and current portfolio of 65+ resorts in 10 destinations,” said MPH Global CEO Wael Rashed.

Based on experience, we can safely attest that LABRANDA Royal Makadi really feels like home away from home and it surely is the one and only destination for everything at Makadi!

LABRANDA has three brands in Makadi: LABRANDA Royal, LABRANDA Club, Lemon & Soul.

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