Le3bet Newton Symbols & Motifs: Explained!

At first sight, you may think these are just scene props with no other underlying value. But after we read many analyses and opinions, we came to the conclusion that Tamer Mohsen is subtly implementing a number of symbols to foreshadow and signify some major drama themes in “Le3bet Newton”.

As a matter of fact, we’ve seen this low-key fascination with symbols and motifs before in Mohsen’s work. Haza El Massaa, Bedoon Zekr Asmaa and Taht El Saytra are examples. 

Now, let’s take a look at his latest creations…


Bees are very symbolic to all events. In fact, they’re the main drive for symbolism in the whole show. Starting with the theme-song, we see them take over the sand watch between Hazem and Hanna’s names. 

Interpretation: foreshadowing how bees are going to play a very important part in the life of the couple. 

You can see that happening when we later learn that “bees” and their small project together is what brought Hanna closer to Hazem. 

Bees were also the backdrop to all the events that led Hanna to her fate. Taking the trip to the United States, parting with Hazem and eventually going on the true journey of self-discovery.


From a different angle, the Hazem angle, bees were not as kind. They may have given him his life with Hanna, his docile and endearing wife. But sooner than later, they broke her loose and ended the world as he knew it. 

Bees are also the reason why he got into a quarrel with Shahin ~ his landlord’s assistant. Actually, by the means of bees, Hazem was able to murder Shahin in that one iconic scene everyone talked about.


It didn’t stop here. After committing the murder, Hazem fell in a Macbethian state of mind. His mental health started gradually deteriorating as he is left alone to face the consequences of his actions.

And as a result, Hazem is left with a humming/buzzing sound that only he can hear whenever he gets triggered.


Bees may have also led to this particular scene but we think that “Chess” is yet another symbol. Sayed Ragab (Badr) and Hazem sitting for a game of chess, a classic scene that you can find in many great movies and dramas. And that ALWAYS means something. 

Rewind the scene and focus on the tactics and how they play. Badr is clearly planning to replace Shahine with Hazem (since he outsmarted and killed him). Hazem somehow proved his potential and allegiance to Badr.


His true intentions are finally revealed of course, when he confesses to Hazem how he wants the bees to protect and help in his Opium business!

These are the only symbols and motifs we’ve gathered, for now. While some would argue that this is probably reading too much into it, many would agree on the evident symbolism. 

 The show is still open for more interpretations, do you guys have any to add?

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