Leih La2: Can We Have More Couples Like Them In Real Life?

*spoiler alert*

Six episodes into the show now, and we can safely say it’s way better than season one. Obviously, since it’s mainly meant to shed light on the adoption file in Egypt. But since we already covered that earlier, let’s discuss the relationships portrayed in the series.

Evidentially, this is no fluffy show about modernized affairs. Yet still, they managed to present a model or two of what we can call a “wholesome” or somewhat healthy relationship. They’re not prefect, but they’re on the right path.

Ragy & Sally

We love their storyline; it’s most significant. A couple dealing with the aftermath of losing a child is one side of traumatic relationships we needed to discuss and present on television.

The couples therapy part was really genuine and touching. A party pushing the idea of healing in an attempt to save the relationship and a party refusing the idea altogether. A master scene.

Nada & Salah

Not officially an item yet, but we see where this is going. What we really love about this pair is the fact that Salah is super civil and mature about it. He is super supportive of the whole “my girlfriend is raising an adopted kid” and he is aware of how much he and his young daughter are willing to get involved.

Salah & Rania

We’re on the fence about this one. But hey, the model of a modern divorced couple who spend a lot of time together, travel together and have a business together for the sake of their child’s welfare is a nice one. We also applaud the part about Salah refusing to introduce Salma (his kid) to any of his not so serious girlfriends.

We’re sure the story is going to play out even stronger in the upcoming episodes. But so far, we’re really loving the plot. It’s so rich and spot on! So, who’s your favorite couple?

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