Mohamed Sobhy’s Golden Jubilee: Is Social Media Becoming Too Toxic?

Shortly after social media became a thing, we all realized it comes with an ugly side. A side that almost no one can avoid; from regular users all the way to celebrities. It could get really intrusive, brutal and overwhelming; especially for public figures.

A great proof to that is a new trend that rapidly emerged yesterday, December 19. When pictures of Mohamed Sobhy’s Golden Jubilee Ceremony went viral. Unfortunately, the veteran actor fell on the wrong side of things.

Here’s how the story unfolded…

In a one of a kind ceremony, Mohamed Sobhy took the initiative of dedicating a night to celebrate all the actors, filmmakers and critics who helped build his career over the span of 50 years. Sounds normal, right?

But here’s how social media begs to differ. The moment the news broke, social media users pretty much waged war against Sobhy. Calling him things like “narcissist” and “egotistical” among other uglier names.

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Realistically speaking, we get how some people have their reservations when it comes to Mohamed Sobhy. It mostly has to do with his rhetoric and interview statements. But this exact incident is nothing here nor there. Because honestly, the man has a respectful career that can’t be bashed away!

Where’s the harm in someone wanting to pay homage to his fellow friends and coworkers? Why insist on making social media a weapon of destruction to anyone and everyone?

It’s not only the celebs, and it’s not really about Mohamed Sobhy. We bet we all experience what some call “social media anxiety” when we’re about to post or share merely anything. Fearing judgment or ridiculing. It goes sideways.

It just seems that, lately, the bad sides of social media are outweighing the good sides. People would do anything and would step on whatever boundary just for a meme. It’s horrifying.

Whatever happened to social media bringing the world together and giving a voice to the voiceless?

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