Nemra 2 Review: Exes Reuniting and The Perfect Finale!

You know what’s just as polarizing as ever and back for a new episode? Yes, that’s right — it’s Nemra 2 time. But this time, it’s actually different. See, this isn’t just the final episode of a wildly-debated show. It’s one of the best episodes to date!

No, we’re not exaggerating actually. Directed by by the one and only Yousry Nasrallah, Mat2olsh Le 7ad is an episode you cannot miss out on.


Set in the days of the recent Coronavirus lockdown, Mat2olsh Le 7ad begins with Shahd’s extravagant Porsche breaking down on her way from Gouna to Cairo. Thankfully, she’s not stranded for too long because soon enough a familiar face appears to help her — a man she once knew, Hassan.

Although it’s never stated at first, we soon know that Shahd and Hassan are exes of the very amicable sort. In fact, as time goes on and they stop for gas and food, we can tell that there’s still something there between them.

Classically, this story reads as less of a will-they-won’t-they rather than a why-aren’t-they-getting-together-already-they’re-in-love…but, then, as the pair spends the night at a parking lot due to curfew, we understand why they’re not and they might never be together.

It’s not just a difference of religions that stops Hassan, a Muslim, and Shahd, a Christian, from being together, though it certainly helps.

It’s a factor, though, and it’s what made Hassan choose to break up with Shahd and instead marry his current wife, who was also Shahd’s former best friend. Just because things would have been easier that way.

Despite these obstacles and the fact that Shahd has not forgiven Hassan, their chemistry is undeniable as is their attraction. All their interactions remain tinged with a longing that it makes us wait for their misery to end as soon as they reach Cairo.

That is, until we discover they’re neighbors and this story likely won’t end any time soon.


Our two leads couldn’t be any different, if you think about it. On one hand, we have Shahd, a doctor who moved to faraway Gouna for more than just relaxation. She’s there to escape her mother and, as we later learn, her ex who’s also her neighbor.

However, as hard as she tries, Shahd still can’t help but feel out of place to the point where she actively seeks that feeling out (the expensive car she has to drive on the left side is proof) before it finds her.

And on the other hand, we have Hassan, who pretends to be so blissfully unaware of his own actions. Throughout the episode, he’s either laughing things off and evading Shahd’s hints or mentioning how he only misses his kids, not his wife, with whom he’s not having the best life.

In that last thing, Hassan and Shahd are incredibly similar. They’re both escapists, with Shahd avoiding her mother and Hassan just like how Hassan himself is doing the most to escape his own wife, finally regretting just how one cowardly choice made his life turn out like a horror flick.


All in all, we’re standing by our opinion. This story gave us all sorts of narrative fulfillment, without resorting to flashbacks or voice-overs even once — a testament to excellent directing as well as excellent acting from both leads.

It’s not just a story that stands on its own; it’s a story that makes us want to see more of it. And that’s how you do finales!

Now that the show’s over, what’s your favorite episode?

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