No, Not Liking A Person Doesn’t Justify Being Happy They Got Raped

We’re not going to beat around the bush. What we’ve seen of the TV show Lo2lo2 was horrifying and left a bad taste in our mouths. In fact, it was so bad we had to make a list to share all its horrors with you.

But here’s the thing, shows like Lo2lo2 tend to slip under the radar as shows that exist for us to mock them. And that would have been perfectly cool…that is until this happened:

Lo2lo2 was set up and raped, on camera. And as horrifying as that was for several reasons, there was something even more bloodcurdling out there — the reactions to the rape scene.

And we have to dive deep into this because there’s a problem here and if you can’t see it, well, that’s an even bigger issue.

Some people are openly reveling in what happened to Lo2lo2 because she’s “awful”.

Now, here’s the thing. We all meet a bunch of awful people in our lives and we see even more of those on TV, but we should never enjoy seeing these people go through something as traumatizing as rape.

It’s just not humane. And before you say “well, this isn’t what people are like in real life“, please take a second to remember that a good portion of women who have been horrifyingly harassed or raped are still treated horribly in society.

in response to the Lo2lo2 fiasco

We’d love to tell you that this isn’t what people are actually like — we’d love to say it, but isn’t it true to a degree?

It matters that people are “happy” about the Lo2lo2 rape scene because this reflects our current society. To many viewers, Lo2lo2 is stubborn, awful and doesn’t listen to advice, which means she “deserves” it. And that’s clearly victim-blaming!

This victim-blaming is deeply-rooted in our culture — it comes out in things like “well, she had it coming” and “why did she go there“, which were two things some viewers of the show also said.

This mentality simply makes rape the victim’s fault that, which is something we all know doesn’t make sense because it’s not true…even if the victim isn’t likable.

It doesn’t matter if this is a fictional person or a real one — being happy a person got raped will never not be disturbing. And being fictional doesn’t excuse the reactions; after all, doesn’t life imitates art?

You can hate the Lo2lo2 show all you want but it still doesn’t excuse reveling in rape.

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