O1 New Cairo—The Rising Destination Where You NEED To Be!

Since we’re perpetually on the hunt for the new and the exciting, we’re always on the lookout as we try to keep up with all the hustle and bustle because something is always happening. And, yes, we’re more than happy to say that we’ve found you the next big thing—the one unique space you need to check out!

And that space is none other than O1 New Cairo, of course! Located at the heart of New Cairo, this strip mall is set to usher a new era that combines the entertainment scene with exhilarating food, a great mood, and a wonderful experience.

With more than twelve spaces -each one a unique outlet in itself- O1 New Cairo is proud to present the Holy Month of Ramadan through its own lens—a very Blissful Ramadan.

Because Ramadan is all about spirituality and serenity, O1 New Cairo thought nothing would be better than to celebrate our shared blessings; inspiring the theme of a Blissful Ramadan that is entrenched in the essence of simplicity and minimalism.

This spiritual theme has left us all pleasantly surprised but O1’s theme doesn’t just end there—it also extends to its unique mix of tenants, all joining in spreading the Ramadan joy!

Enab Beirut

Have you ever wanted to visit Lebanon? Well, you won’t have to board a plane anytime soon because you can just stop by Enab Beirut. In there, you’ll be transported to the heart of Hamra Street!

With its wide range of Lebanese delicacies and coveted dishes, Enab Beirut’s set menus are worth the visit.


When Ramadan is here, a lot of us tend to crave nothing more than our grandmother’s perfectly authentic Egyptian cuisines. And if that’s what you want, then that’s what you will get and more at Teta’s.

Showcasing an impressively wide range of authentic Egyptian dishes, Teta’s culinary experience will leave you satisfied and incredibly nostalgic.


Want to try something simply out of this world this Ramadan? Just pop by Longhorn! To celebrate its very first Ramadan, Longhorn added special Ramadan Platters to its menu.

Longhorn’s Ramadan Platters are all ordered 2 hours before Iftar and complementary bread, pickles, onions, as well as other sides will be served alongside the meals. Also, soft drinks are served according to the number of people the platters are for.


If you’ve heard about this Ramadan’s classic debate between Team Madloo2a and Team Ma2looba, then you must have heard of Tortina.

One of these delightful desserts is a konafa with caramelized dates and whipped cream. The other has a basbosa-base with special cake and cream added into the mix. Wondering which one is the better fit? Pop by Tortina yourself to sample these desserts!


Sometimes, we all want a change of pace with some opulent French ambience. And if that’s your cup of tea, you’ll find it at Amelie, of course.

With its elevated French Sohour, Amelie is that destination you must visit if you want to sample every unique Éclair, various omelette plates, and fresh baked croissants you can get your hands on.

Dara’s Ice Cream

Everyone’s favorite ice-cream place is back again with a unique batch of delicious tarts! And that’s not all either. For this Ramadan, Dara’s Ice Cream has a new item up its sleeve—the simply exhilarating Honeycomb Mango Cake.


Don’t worry, Sushi Lovers, you weren’t at all forgotten. If you cannot wait to get your classic sushi fix, all you have to do is check out Fuego with its Ramadan selections, which are all sure to blow you away.

Coffee Berry

Ramadan gets hard when there’s absolutely no caffeine in your system for the whole day. Remedy that by stopping by Coffee Berry and grabbing a to-die-for cup of coffee. And if you go, then you definitely need to try its special, the delicious Honeycomb Tres Leches.


Are you feeling up for Taco Tuesday? Well, you’ll be glad to know that you can have tacos any night of the week…as well as several fun Mexican dishes from Bonita, which is the perfect spot for everything from family gatherings to a casual friends’ night out.


If you’ve ever wanted to try the best wood-fired forno pizzas and homemade pastas straight from the heart of Napoli, you won’t have to go too far. Just check out Pipa and you’ll get everything you want and much more!

Sailor’s Catch

Ever wished you could feast like a pirate? That doesn’t have to be a wish anymore because that’s exactly what happens at Sailor’s Catch! With this one of a kind seafood experience, you need to get ready to get messy and indulge yourself (and your taste buds) with a vast selection of the best the ocean has to offer.

Get the most out of the Blissful Ramadan experience and visit O1 New Cairo now!  

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