On The American Dream And Why Hana Is Responsible For Losing Her Child!

You know the moment when you’re casually sitting through a show and suddenly you’re in awe by the escalating flow of events? 

The episode ends but the feeling or thread of thoughts it left you with continues..?

We don’t know about you guys but this is how we felt after last night’s episode of Le3bet Newton. It was very rich and enlightening; not only in the sense of highlighting some key differences between the Middle Eastern and Western cultures. But also, in deconstructing the American Dream.

*spoiler alert*

Emotional Manipulation

Quick recap:

After Mona Zaki (Hana) gave birth to her baby, he was taken away from her as a normal procedure for a premature newborn. But Hana, so triggered and alarmed, immediately started to outlash. 

She had a nervous breakdown, started yelling, kicking and screaming.  Also since LANGUAGE was yet another barrier, there was a huge miscommunication between her and the medical staff.

She crashed into the nursery, held a knife and threatened to kill herself if she wasn’t granted the right to see her child.

Result? Normally, her actions were immediately translated as hostile behavior from a mentally unstable mother with suicidal tendencies.

Ethnic Entitlement & Nepotism

As an attempt to resolve the complicated incident, the child’s care service assigned her for a personal psychological assessment/interview. 

You’d think that by now, Hana would have comprehended the seriousness of her situation and would start to rise up to the occasion. But no, she made matters even worse. 

Instead of focusing on doing well with her answers and providing a sensible explanation, she resorted to the emotional manipulation AGAIN. On the basis that the woman assessing her comes from an Arabic background as well. 

She started blaming the hospital and the U.S rules for everything (delusions), described the suicide attempt as a “desperate threat” and even justified violence by literally saying that all Egyptians and Arabs attempt verbal violence and threats (on children) to get their way.


According to Hana, a fellow Arab should always have her back by default. That’s why she started ignoring the psychiatrist’s questions and turned the tables by asking her things like…..are you a mother? You know how worried Arab mothers are like, right? 

We all know where this is going, right? It’s obvious, she was screwed at this point.

She even went on and called out the entire American system for being too pragmatic and heartless. Unlike Arabs, who would have probably overlooked her suicide attempt and total indifference to laws and rules.


This is not the first time Hana shows signs of total ignorance and unawareness to her surroundings (being in the U.S).

With Zee, she mainly manipulated him into giving her a ride and a home. As if he somehow owed her that because we all know what she’ll call him if he fails to help a fellow Egyptian, right?

We think Hana is a complex character. A character so masterfully utilized to depict the rise and fall of the American Dream in the eyes of its beholder. 

Hana naively took the decision to go and have a baby in the U.S, merely for all the privileges. But she completely forgot to educate herself on the new culture she hopes to assimilate in.

Hana is not a victim of the hospital, the U.S system or even her husband. She’s a victim of ignorance, vanity and entitlement. 

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