Our 7 Favorite Fictional Egyptian Criminals!

There are some people we just don’t want to mingle with in real life. We wouldn’t even like them really and we’d be fully righteous to not do that. And some of those people are, well, criminals.

See, we don’t know what makes this so real, but we just love watching fictional criminals do their thing. And we don’t just mean any run of the mill criminals — we have our favorites too. Like these characters!

Fateen and Ibrahim from 7arameya fi Thailand

Our favorite crime duo siblings and your favorite too! The best thing about this duo and their criminal activities is the hilarity of it all, which still somehow manages to be sentimental as they grow closer together from ‘estranged‘ to ‘close‘.

Musta3 from El-Beida Wel 7agar

Perhaps the most philosophical of these criminals, Musta3 in El-Beida Wel 7agar was one of the first fictional felons we fell in love with…simply because he was among the first to be humanized.

Everyone from Ibrahim El-Abyad

Literally every character from this movie is a criminal and yet they’re the most compelling (and at times, very funny) characters ever because of, well, their overwhelming charisma.

The brothers from Welad Rizk

Another set of criminal brothers, Welad Rizk are on their way to having their own cinematic universe (and possible TV shows too) and that’s because of their overarching success…and we can’t argue with that!

Adel El-Qonsol from Ebn El-Qonsol

A special character in every way, El-Qonsol isn’t lovable because of anything in particular. He gives off a lot of Grandpa vibes, of the especially comedic variety. And he does that excellently.

The gang from Bi Meet Wesh

Fun and charming and oddly hilarious, no criminals are loved more than the Bi 100 Wesh gang and we all know why. The family dynamics are honestly more than enough!

Aziza and Zenat from Segn El-Nesa

Now, we know this is a show full of criminals but these two in particular have won our hearts. With their gold one-liners and effortless, well, everything, it’d be hard to not love them this much.

We won’t try this at home but we sure love it when we see these criminals on screen!

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