Post-Ruby Comeback: 7 Artists Who Need To Put New Albums

Everyone loves a good comeback, don’t they? Just two minutes ago, it seems, everyone was over the moon with Marwan Pablo’s return and then we got a new delightful surprise. Ruby (yes, that Ruby) was coming back musically too!

And, yes, we won’t pretend we weren’t over the moon because we were. With thirteen years since her last album, we’re more than ready to admit we missed her bops.

Almost makes you think, doesn’t it? About all the artists who have disappeared for some time that we just miss when they used to churn out albums. And since Ruby came back, why don’t artists like these do so too?


If you’re a 2000’s kid, you’ll vaguely remember hearing Layaly El-Shouq by Shaza. And you’ll also remember that she was everywhere and that her music was good. All of this might make you wonder why it’s been nearly 17 years since her first album.

Bahaa Sultan

Now that he’s musically free, we just cannot wait for Bahaa Sultan to release new music. We miss him and we know you do too and it’s about time we had some new music to stream that isn’t his old music or the Banque Misr ad song.


Want to hear something surprising? The last time Simone released a new album, some of us were just newborns. Literally. Her second, and so far last, album was released in 1996. Nearly 25 years later, we think the time is just ripe for a musical comeback.

Mohamed Kelany

Okay, so here’s the thing. As much as we enjoy Mohamed Kelany’s acting and we think he’s really talented, we still miss Kelany the Singer. And if we’re being honest, (almost) 11 years have passed since the last time he released new music and that’s just too much.

Maya Nasry

Let’s face it. She had the voice, she had the style, she had the Hamid Sha’eri production — Maya Nasry had the impact many wish they could have had. And it’s time it came back again!


Didn’t it just seem like Rico dropped off the face of the earth after his first album and few movies? Say what you want about the man but we miss his Sha3bi style and now that he’s inching back to the public, we’re hoping for some bops.

Eline Khalaf

Don’t you miss her sweet ballads and those sweeter 2000’s aesthetics? Well, we sure do. And we also kind of really wish she’d have her musical comeback soon. We’ve been waiting since 2005.

Who else do you just wish would release a new album already?

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