Post-Ruby’s Fawazeer Announcement: Ranking The Best Egyptian Fawazeer!

In the world of uniquely Egyptian Ramadan traditions, there’s nothing people actively loved more than Fawazeer. And you know what, we missed Fawazeer so much, we’d be glad to have them back in any shape or form…and that, surprisingly happened sooner rather than later with Ruby’s anticipated Fawazeer this Ramadan.

But right now, we’re in a bit of a nostalgic mood so what’s better than remembering the actual good old days of Fawazeer? We’ll tell you what — it’s ranking those Fawazeer!

Fawazeer Farah Farah

Coming into this, you might have thought that the worst of the worst Fawazeer would probably be Nelly Karim’s and, well, this is a shocker. But honestly as much as we can’t deny Ghada Abdelrazek’s impact as an actress, we just can’t believe that she’s done Fawazeer. Especially, when they ended up coming out the way they did.

a four minute and a half video with bad quality truly DOES say a thousand words — guess what most of those words are

Yeah. We have nothing to say either.

Fawazeer 7elm Wala 3elm

First of all we’d just like to say one thing, anyone who told Nelly Karim to go for the Fawazeer role simply set her up because just hearing the name ‘Nelly’ and ‘Fawazeer’ in the same sentence makes people have certain expectations, which weren’t at all met here. And, well, the public wasn’t all too kind with their critiques either.

Fawazeer El-3eyal Etganenet

The early 2000’s were just weird, okay? And when you remember that we’d had Fawazeer headlined by the unlikely trio of Yasmine Abdelaziz, Mohamed Saad, and Mohamed Abdallah, everything just seems weirder for some reason. And that’s to say that these Fawazeer didn’t exactly hit that sweet cultural spot, no matter how energetic it all was.

Fawazeer Ema w Cima

Lucy’s Fawazeer fall into a bit of a grey area here. See, on one hand they kind of brought back that old essence of fun by having a vivacious personality leading the whole thing but on the other hand, people just couldn’t help but compare any act with a dance emphasis to the iconic Fawazeer of Nelly and Sherihan.

Fawazeer El-Fonoon

Although these Fawazeer had Medhat Saleh, who was no stranger to Fawazeer, we can’t just shake the feeling that something was missing. Everyone, including Shereen Reda, tried their best in this testament to nineties Egyptian culture and yet, it just didn’t land like the other Fawazeer did.

Fawazeer Abyad w Esweed

Comedy-focused and less showmanship-focused, these Fawazeer starring trio Mohamed Henedy, Alaa Waly El-Din, Ashraf Abdelbaky as well as Dina were something to behold. It was a jampacked comedy show that lives on through some memes today.

Fawazeer El-7elw Mabyekmalsh

To be a 90’s Egyptian It Girl, this meant you had to be involved in Fawazeer at some point. And since you could not mention 90’s It Girls without mentioning Jihan Nasr, it was obvious she’d get her turn. And this turn included a lot of showmanship and costumes that left people feeling a little suspicious if she was imitating or not.

Fawazeer E7na Fein

Yeah, so there was a lot happening on these Fawazeer and it’s a bit expected when your core cast is Samir Sabry, Samah Anwar, Hassan Kamy, and 90’s It Girl Shereen Seif El-Nasr. Just reading that cast alone will leave you a bit confused, which is really the only reason it’s getting this rank.

Fawazeer Manesta3’nash and Geran El-Hana

The common factor in both Fawazeer series is Nadine, who was once hailed as probably the next big Fawazeer starlet because she’d just had the soul, the moves, and simply stole the show both times. So, why isn’t Nadine ranked higher and why haven’t we heard about more Fawazeer from her? Well, she retired at the height of her fame, only un-retiring a few years ago.

Fawazeer El-Monasabat

There was just something for everyone with these Fawazeer, right? You had Yehia El-Fakharany and his charisma, Hala Fouad and her skills and presence, and all the showmanship you could handle from then-country’s sweetheart Sabrine — it was something to behold.

Fawazeer Fatouta

Concepts came and went and yet Samir Ghanem’s Fatouta always remained as the testament of what can happen when you mix Samir Ghanem’s innate kookiness with sheer comedy and show-stopping Fawazeer.

Anything and everything by Nelly – Sherihan

You can’t just choose when it comes to this, you know? How could anyone start ranking Fawazeer and not rank Nelly AND Sherihan’s at number one? No, seriously. These two performers were the blueprint and any Fawazeer show you’ll ever watch will clearly show you that.

Who did you want to see star in a Fawazeer show?

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