President El-Sisi: State harnesses resources to develop Egyptian countryside

President Abdel Fatah El-Sisi delivered a speech Monday in the ceremony held to celebrate the 69th Police Day concluding with words on the rural development project the government has embarked on and is planned to be completed in three years.

The project – worth LE500 million – covers 1,500 villages housing 50-55 million dwellers, who compose half of the Egyptian population. Hence, the president urged officials to achieve a satisfactory outcome.

Introducing electricity within the project requires LE70 billion, the president highlights. In a different context, El-Sisi urged officials to boost the manufacturing sector over the coming years. Moreover, he told Egyptian youth that the homeland needs their honest strong efforts to complete the path of reform, building, development and hopes in a bright future

In his speech, the president asserted that the state will continue the developmental projects it has embarked on. Similarly, he vowed to care for martyrs’ families and saluted the efforts deployed by police personnel.

“I wish Egypt development and prosperity. Long Live Egypt,” President El-Sisi said lauding the Egyptian people for it values stability.

The president underlined that the simmering regional developments magnify the threat of terrorism. As for the event Egypt is celebrating, the president noted that Ismailiyah Battle, which took place in 1952 between Egyptian police and British colonization troops, embodies the intertwining of police and civilians sacrifices.

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