Ruining Your Boyfriend/Girlfriend’s Night for Nothing Isn’t “Cute”—It’s Toxic

So here’s the thing – we’re not going to begin with the usual ‘dating in Egypt is kinda weird’ bit because, well, you already know that by now. Any place in the universe where couples meet up at, like, 10 AM to crowd up the local donut place is a little kooky at best.

What we’re going to say is that dating in Egypt actually comes with a whole lot of expectations and little hang-ups that don’t really make sense. So far, though, the weirdest little expectation is that if you’re dating someone and you don’t give them your undivided attention for 3 seconds, they have every right to absolutely ruin your night.

You read it correctly. It’s a whole thing that doesn’t even make sense once you take a millisecond to think about. So why does it happen? Well, we’ll tell you. The people think it’s cute.

Yes, cute. As in, ‘this is what people do when they’re into each other—they want to be around each other all the time’! And, okay, we’ll tell you one thing. Being so into the other person you’re dating to the point where you just want to see them or talk to them 24/7 isn’t bad.

It isn’t against the law or anything because people are a bit weird when they have a crush—the whole notion of ‘dumb for love’ is very popular. Here’s what’s not at all okay, though: Forcing the other person to want to make time for you because if they want to do anything else, you get ‘jealous’ or ‘cranky’ or whatever other word people use for this behavior.

But if this isn’t cliché cutesy dating behavior, you may want to ask, then what is it?

We’re so glad you asked because we’re saying it like it is. It’s toxic. Yes, plain and simple. Just toxic behavior that means you really should consider a few things if you’re already doing it.

See, dating should be about wanting to spend time with this person you’re interested in but it shouldn’t be a competition on who gets to annoy who the most. It shouldn’t be a ‘look at us, we’re so cute and toxic lol’ meme in the making.

Because if anything just wanting to ruin your boyfriend’s night because he’s at the ahwa with some friends or obsessively asking where your girlfriend is and who she’s with and being all ‘I told you that you can’t go out without telling me’ isn’t at all funny or cute and it shouldn’t just induce ‘ha-ha’ reactions—it should be a sign that you need to communicate or break up or both.

And this is just talking about the people who do these types of things because they feel them. There’s a whole other minefield with the people who do this because they actually think they have to.

Exactly, we know. They’re acting like it’s some sort of Egyptian Dating Ritual people will judge them like hell for not doing.

To those people, we have two things to say. First of all, yikes. And second of all, do not base your dating concepts on all the horrible things people do in their literally bad relationships just so you don’t feel ‘left out’ or ‘not interesting’ or ‘not funny enough’.

It costs nothing to be a little gentler and understand that the person you’re dating has a life and they do not actually owe you every second of their attention.

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