Sherine’s In-Law Drama: We Need to Rethink Elitism and Parental Control

We won’t beat around the bush with this one — we know. We do. You’re curious because Egyptian superstar Sherine Abdelwahab was trending the other night and it seems ridiculously out of the blue. But we’re here to tell you it isn’t and ‘yikes’ has never been such an understatement.

So what happened with Sherine? Well, someone allegedly leaked a disastrous phone call with her father-in-law.

This whole thing reportedly started around six months ago when Lebanese journalist Nedal Al-Ahmady set a girl on a mission to get close to Hussein Habib, Hossam Habib’s father, to get dirt on him (and possibly, the family). Naturally, this led to a leaked phone call, allegedly between Hussein Habib and Al-Ahmady’s source.

In this phone call, Hussein Habib said many things. Among them was that he and his wife thought Sherine was beneath them, class-wise, and that their family was descended from Turks and Austrians. And not only that, he also said that he hoped that Hossam Habib only married Sherine to get access to her money to eventually take full control of it.

And, yes, it gets worse. See, Hussein Habib also wants his son to marry someone else. A younger woman, preferably because he wants his son to have a kid and Sherine is “too old to give him children“….as if, you know, the fact that they’re probably married because they love each other isn’t the purpose here.

But here’s the cherry on top of this distasteful sundae — Hussein Habib also thinks Sherine killed his son’s stardom by marrying him.

Yes, you don’t need to re-read. Sherine Abdelwahab, known around the MENA region as a superstar despite her controversies, somehow killed Hossam Habib’s stardom by marrying him…instead of making him more famous because that is what happened.

All in all, we still don’t know if Hussein Habib’s leaked phone call is real or not. We simply can’t without concrete proof, but we do know one thing — if true, he’s not the first or the last parent to think about his child’s personal life this possessively.

For many parents, the realization that their children are not extensions of themselves and are their own people, with thoughts and likes and preferences that might and will clash with their parents’, hasn’t hit yet. In fact, a lot of them feel extremely entitled to their adult children’s lives simply because they had a hand in creating and/or raising them.

And that simply is not the case. This notion, along with the blatant elitism (seriously, ‘we’re descended from Turks’ in 2021?), needs to die because not only does it breed entitlement and a whole lot of control issues and trauma that can easily be passed from generation to generation — it will also breed a whole lot of contempt from the person to the parent trying to control them.

If this leaked phone call has any truth, then we have A LOT to unpack here!

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