Similar Roles These Ramadan Actors Played Before!

So, this Ramadan, you definitely had a lot to think about it when it came to TV, didn’t you? See, this year we had a few TV shows that cranked it up when it came to acting, plot, and dialogue, while others…just did not do that. But the one thing that caught our attention, whether the shows out there were good or bad, was that the actors in them have played these roles before.

Surprised? Well, we’re sure you won’t be when you read up on this list. We’ve rounded up all the actors who have “been there before” acting-wise, for your reading pleasure!

Tarek Lotfy as a terrorist

So, what’s one common thing between 2021 and 1994? Nothing much except that Tarek Lotfy is playing a man who joins a terrorist organization…again. Yes, see this happened when he played Mesbah on El-3a2ela back in the day — except he’s now promoted to the organization’s leader in as Ramzy in El-Qahera Kabul.

Karim Abdelaziz as a cop

Hey, remember when Karim Abdelaziz played an undercover cop on El-Basha Telmeez (aka one of the best movies out there)? Yeah, well, in El-Ekhteyar 2, he’s not an undercover cop anymore but he’s still constantly putting his neck on the line and winning us over with easy charisma.

Yousra as a woman who’s betrayed by everyone

If you’ve watched last year’s Kheyanet Ahed, then you must have thought it had a whole lot of parallels to Yousra’s Harb Ahleya this year. And you wouldn’t be the first one. See, on this show, Yousra is betrayed again by someone she thought was close to her AND she loses one of her kids brutally too.

Maged El-Kedwany as Ahmed Mekky’s boss

When we saw Maged El-Kedwany make his first appearance on El-Ekhteyar 2, we were just overjoyed. Not only is he a great actor, the man is also reprising his role as Ahmed Mekky’s boss. And that’s just one dynamic we can never get sick of!

Mona Zaki as someone who shouldn’t travel alone…or maybe at all

So we’ve spent the greater chunk of Ramadan trying not to lose it over a fictional character’s choices but you know what? We kinda think we’ve seen a similar version of this Mona Zaki character before. After Welad El-3am, Taymour w Shafika, and Le3bet Newton, she’s proved she’s joined Tom Hanks’s list of People Not To Travel With.

Ahmed El-Sakka as a more deranged Mansour El-Hefny

We said what we said and you know what? We’re not taking it back. Everything about Nasl Aghrab feels like a fever dream someone’s having after a long night that ended with watching El-Gezeera…and that includes Ahmed El-Sakka’s character, who feels like a question — “what if Mansour El-Hefny was a little crazy with some comedic timing?

Yehia El-Fakharany as a rich playboy

If you watched Yetraba Fi 3ezo back in the day (and we know you did because…well, come on), then you might be able to catch some of the similarities the show has with Naguib Zahy Zarkash. Specifically, in its protagonist. See, both Yehia El-Fakharany characters are rich old men with playboy tendencies.

Khaled El-Sawy as an abusive husband

Way back when, Khaled El-Sawy kinda used to scare us. But that makes sense when you remember his roles on Zarf Tarek and, especially, on Ghawy Hob. And this Ramadan, he kind of reprised the latter when he played an abusive rich husband in Elly Maloosh Kebeer.

Youssef El-Sherif as the ONLY smart character in his show

Okay, so here’s the thing. Youssef El-Sherif has something of a pattern where he prefers to play the only character who really knows anything that’s going on in his show’s universe. And we’ve kind of had it with that because in this particular show, COVID-25, most of the cast are doctors and somehow he’s still the only one in the know.

Riham Abdelghaffour as an unnecessarily mean woman

Hey, do you want to see Riham Abdelghaffour be really, really mean and kind of cruel on-screen? Because if so, then you can watch Qasr El-Nile…and then you’ll realize she kind of gives a similar vibe to her role as Ebtehal on 7aret El-Yahood.

Ghada Abdelrazek as a mom on search for her kid

In La7m Ghazal, Ghada Abdelrazek has a lot of trauma, a loaded past, and goes in disguise to search for her missing son. And this vaguely reminds us of her storyline in 7adoota Morra, where some revenge is also sprinkled in.

Amr Abdelgelil as a vile man you don’t want to be related to

If there’s one thing for sure, it’s the fact that you really don’t want Amr Abdelgelil as your fictional family member. See, you might remember him being a bad brother when he was trying to forcibly marry his sister off in Dokan Sha7ata but he becomes a lot worse in La7m Ghazal…as in, kill-your-family-members-and-cry-at-the-funeral worse.

Crazy coincidences?

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