SIMP-ing 101: What It Is And What It Isn’t?

You’ve clicked on this article for either one of two reasons. First one is, well, you’re here for a laugh and we won’t really blame you for that.

But the second, more embarrassing reason is that you don’t actually know what simp means…yes, in the age of the internet and slang, you don’t really know.

And if that’s the cast, you don’t really have to worry (much) — we’re here to tell you about it and then some. No, really, let’s talk.

*What does “simp” actually mean, though?*

If you’ve heard the word ‘simp’ hurled at someone, much like a curse word or a sarcastic little joke, you’re onto something. Simp is supposed to be insulting. Literally.

Straight out of a TikTok challenge (yes, really), the word Simp became common slang that shames men who give women too much attention, usually because everyone else sees those men as “trying too hard to get the girl“.

Sometimes, this even crosses the line of just giving girls attention. Sometimes, people will call each other simps for just looking at the direction of someone they like.

*How do you actually define simping?*

Now that you know what simping is, you may find yourself thoroughly confused. “Well”, you may even ask. “Does that mean that anything I do for someone of the opposite gender makes me a simp?”

Well, here’s the thing. Many people will say yes, that will very much make you a simp (maybe even the King of Simps) but we disagree. That just doesn’t make sense.

See, simp started because of people who are too attentive and obvious that they become obviously cringey, someone we would simply call a “7akak”. That’s literally the whole issue, so if you’re not being cringey or “too much”, well, you’re in the clear. Crush away!

*Things that aren’t simping*

You know, how new concepts and words get introduced to Egyptians and immediately they lose all meaning? Think about the idea of the ‘friendzone’ first and how it was seen as “unfair” to guys who tried but got nowhere because the women they pursued weren’t interested like that.

Yeah, this is happening to simp too. Instead of meaning ‘7akak’, like it’s meant to mean, it’s contextually starting to mean any man who treats women with respect. You know, like an actual human being who just happens to be nice and cordial.

And in that case, again, we’d like to say there’s a difference between being decent and being a simp. They’re mutually exclusive.

Oh and in case you’re wondering if it’s honestly that bad to be a simp, well, technically it’s not the worst thing. However, if the simping starts becoming more cringey, less endearing, and more Joe Goldberg-y, please seek help.

The more you know, right?

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