Speak Up: Social Media Calling On Salah and Others To Fight Sexual Harassment

Yes, he did it again. And yes, it’s obviously Amr Warda we’re speaking about, for the upmteenth time in less than 18 months.

Many of you may have heard by now about Warda’s most recent sexual harassment scandal. But we’re no longer surprised, to say the least – not only because he’s been doing this since 2013. Simply because not even once did he get what he deserves.

However, we’re not here to rant about what’s been said about a thousand times already and never been acted upon in any way.

This time we’re here to support the current social media callings directed at Mohamed Salah, asking him for the last time to step in and use his platform to stand with Egyptian women after he publicly supported Warda back in 2019.

To stay silent in the face of sexual harassment is one thing, but to support a serial harasser is another.

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We need to believe in second chances… we need to guide and educate. Shunning is not the answer.

So much for second chances, right?

A couple of days ago, Ally Salama, the Middle East’s Mental Health Ambassador and EMPWR MAG founder posted a video where he genuinely spoke about how important it is for a national hero and a role model like Salah to speak up and amend the damage. 

Especially after he had played a crucial and direct role in getting Warda back to the squad and on the pitch back in 2019, as previously mentioned.

“I’ve always known Salah to be the man to do the right thing but I can’t digest seeing him not react, especially when the same women who cheered for him and wore his shirts are feeling let down and betrayed,” said Salama to Identity.

Not to mention that many social media users and public figures brought up Salah’s 2019 tweet as soon as the Warda allegations started making headlines again. Rightfully so.

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And again. Clicking through to Mo Salah’s 2019 tweet defending Warda is still crushing. The world’s most celebrated Egyptian-the Man of the Year-told his millions of followers that a woman’s right to safety mattered less than a man’s right to play professional football. https://t.co/UyckoBvzBV

We spoke before about what platforming sexual predators often leads to, as we obviously witnessed firsthand. 

And now we’re further-highlighting what supporting and standing by those predators for whatever reason in the world, including second chances, also does.

Which is why we’re now here to also join the movement and call on, not only Salah, but every single person with a platform and a sense of social responsibility and human decency to stand with women for once and refuse to let harassers get away with what they’ve been doing for ages.

This has been going on for far too long and we refuse to abide by the status quo. It’s 2021, and it’s time to change the rhetoric and direct our energy where real action is needed. 

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