Stray Animal Shelters In Need Of Donations Around Cairo!

If you happen to have a pet, you’ll know how costly its regular vet visits could get. Now, imagine if you run a local stray-animal shelter and have to look after hundreds of RESCUE dogs and cats.

It’s not just about the food, they receive injured animals that require medical attention on daily basis. As a result, they are both overloaded with stray animals and face financial problems.

That’s why many shelters had to close their gates to new rescued pups and kittens and in worst cases, release the ones they already rescued back on the streets.

Let’s get straight to it, and list down all our local shelters that could really use your help!

Furever Rescue Foster


Phone number: 01003555658

Talya’s Rescue Furbabies & Co


Unleashed Rescue




Hope Baladi Rescue & Rehabilitation

Phone number: 01094458429

VOV Survivors

Phone number: 01150977422

Animal Protection Foundation


Phone number: 01221104994

Mariam’s Foster Home



Phone number: 01222744093

Please visit their Facebook pages or better yet, visit the shelter with your family and friends before making a donation and see for yourself. ANY donation would seriously help a lot at this point.

Also if you ever think of getting a pet, please adopt and don’t shop!

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