Tahoun: Going Through a Phase of Technological Advancement

In this day and age, technology has been changing how we live, but it also needs to change how we work, no matter the field. When it comes to the legal fields, though, online legal services like T-Smart has been proven to create a terrific end-user experience—the problem, though, isn’t building the technology but getting people to use it.

And to use this technology, people only need to know more about Tahoun & Associates, the mastermind behind T-Smart.

Established in 1990, Tahoun Law Office was created for the purpose of providing high-quality litigation and arbitration services. In 2009, the law firm was restructured in order to be more aligned with a new vision. And that is, providing premium legal services to a broad base of multinational and regional clients.

Not just settling for opening doors to new investment opportunities, Tahoun & Associates strives to work alongside its clients and to help navigating challenging markets, solving complex problems with creative solutions, and implementing strategies to manage risks.

And that’s not all what Tahoun & Associates does. The firm also provides clients with superior service through innovative consulting solutions, exceptional legal services, and instant resolutions to on-the-spot contract issues through its Smart Consultancy Program.

The firm also provides legal opinions on a variety of company matters, including international trade contracts and disputes, constructions, IT, documentation for establishing company branches or subsidiaries, IP, as well as providing legal advice for taxes, social insurance, and other matters like licenses and visas.

Another thing Tahoun & Associates does is drafting of service agreements, joint venture agreements, hotel management, finance agreements, licenses, construction, leases, manufacturing, sales of shares agreements, concession agreements (including BOT and BOO) and certified translations in bilingual forms, both Arabic and English.

The Firm also restructures companies to eliminate legal risks and tax burdens, ensures the best legal structure for the client, and drafts due diligence reports, which Tahoun & Associates has its logistics experts work closely on to provide consistent service in all areas of customs’ services.

Tahoun also provides expert lawyers to work on-site for clients in order to provide responsive legal services and manage ongoing legal matters.

Because Tahoun & Associates believes in the power of collaboration, all of its legal services are handled by teams of two or more specialized lawyers that ensure the highest quality counsels.

Among the services the lawyers ensure are incorporating companies, conducting related corporate procedural services, executing sales of shares and merges before competent authorities, handling cases before all courts in Egypt including courts of cassation, administration, international courts, and economic courts.

Tahoun also offers its clients competent legal solutions within a broad range of business-related areas, where its specialists are ready to assist you in solving legal matters professionally.

The fields include capital market banking, finance aviation construction, foreign direct investment, debt recovery, dispute resolution, education, energy and power, employment and labor law, mergers and acquisition, intellectual property, oil and gas, real estate and property shipping, among others.

It’s important to note that Tahoun & Associates has been a side in many important cases.

Tahoun & Associates was the primary negotiator of Abou Rawash’s waste water treatment plant between Kharafi National and the Egyptian government. It also played a part in the acquisition of Royal Resources Oil and Gas Company, the Beko Egypt expansion project, the settlement of EFADCO Rig with Customs Authority and the El-Hamra Oil Company, among other things.

Tahoun & Associates also has its online legal services covered through its website and an app called TSmart, which was established in 2017 and has grown exponentially through the firm’s dedication to excellence.

More on Dr. Nermine Tahoun

The founder and managing partner of Tahoun & Associates, Dr. Nermine Tahoun has a lot of experience in the legal field. She has worked as an international lawyer for a number of international companies, investors, and the Egyptian government for more than 20 years.

After this, Dr. Tahoun soon established Tahoun Law Office in 2009, swiftly incorporating it to provide legal services to investors, companies, and the government in different investment fields as well as the business sector.

Possessing expertise in international trade contracts and disputes, construction, labor matters as well as the effective establishment of new businesses, Dr. Tahoun’s office offers her premium services which range from advising on documents for establishing companies, subsidiaries, branches, and international corporate structures to providing corporations with advice on daily matters.

Dr. Tahoun is highly involved in drafting legal opinions on a wide range of corporate issues and conducting legal due diligence reports, advisory, and other legal services to the government and various private projects specialized in various industries, including oil and gas, shipping, distribution, and logistics, health and medical, education, free zones, real estate, and natural resources.

Having participated in the drafting of the Egyptian PPP Law, Dr. Tahoun played a key role in drafting PPP-related model and direct agreements, serving as the head of the legal team for the Egyptian Government and successfully reaching a financial close of the first PPP in the MENA region (New Cairo Waste Water Treatment Plant).

Among Dr. Tahoun’s major accomplishments is executing the handover of Porto Marina and Porto Sokhna’s company to the management company and acting as legal advisor for drafting, negotiating and executing contracts for developing, constructing and operating an area of 5.5 million sq. m. in the Suez Canal.

Dr. Tahoun is also the official legal advisor for the Swedish University in Egypt.

T-Smart: A business model on legal innovation

Why waste your time on laborious procedures when they can be automated? While everything is going mobile these days, the legal industry is no different.

In 2017 Tahoun’s ambitious, forward-thinking scheme stepped up to take a smart move and created its Smart counselors, office-less and technology-driven legal interface that do digital contracts, digital documentation, online expert advice, online procedures and other technological connectivity that enables businesses, streamlines, and automates their legal operations.

T Smart aims to serve its clients everywhere-anywhere, from SMEs and startups to multi-nationals, offering a wide range of legal services online, as simple — and affordable — as possible.

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