THE 2021 Swimsuit Trends You Need To Know About!

It’s time! Dust-off your summer wardrobe everybody because warm weather is officially here. But since we know that an update is only inevitable, we thought you might be interested in learning about the latest trends in the world of swimsuits. Find one bathing suit that matches the below descriptions and you’re good to go for the summer of 2021!


This summer is all about the strings. The little extra detail will add a hip touch to any basic swimsuit. If you like a low-key minimalistic look, go for the strings. A little “string” can go a long way!

Retro Colors

Yes, the 90s colors and patterns are back in style. Dig in your teenage closet for a nice piece or check out a brand-new one now. Don’t worry you won’t look odd, everyone is rocking them now.


If you’re all for comfy and practical swimsuits, you’ll find this one trend really handy. The material will stretch to fit any body form. We’re super excited to utilize this trend ourselves!


We love this one. It flatters, almost, every body type. But remember, a cut-out bikini means more skin. So, make sure your sunblock is covering all exposed skin parts!


Apparently, this one trend is here to stay. If you didn’t catch one last summer, now’s your chance to own “the cool girl” bathing suit. A tip, make sure you own one in a popping new color to stand out!

Have a lovely summer, everybody!

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