The 5 Most Traumatizing Scenes This Ramadan!

Being raised on Egyptian cinema and TV means we’re well-accustomed to gruesome scenes in full display (if you disagree, the entire second half of Sa3a W Nos begs to differ) but with our entertainment industry reaching into new plotlines and experimentations, well, it’s safe to say we didn’t expect them to go this hard this Ramadan.

But they did….and the end result was giving us five, incredibly traumatizing scenes that we bet will haunt a lot of us for a while to come!

Bein El-Sama Wel Ard – The Elevator Death Scene

If you know the general plot of Bein El-Sama Wel Ard, then you definitely know that it’s about a bunch of strangers who all get trapped in an elevator for fifteen episodes. And you know what? Somehow, it gets even worse than that.

See, towards the end, we discover that there’s a bomb planted in the building and although the cops try to find it in time, they’re too late. The end result? The building’s evacuated EXCEPT for the people trapped in the elevator — and with Om Kulthum’s Fat El-Ma’ad playing, we get one of the cruelest death scenes ever. Everyone knows they’re about to die and yet…there’s just nothing they can do about it.

La7m Ghazal – Sobhy Kills HIS Own Family

Fewer things are worse than murder but there has to be a special ranking for someone who murders their whole family, kids included…because that is exactly what happens in La7m Ghazal, when Sobhy tries and fails to get video evidence on a crime his accomplice carried out.

In a scene that’s honestly cruel by principal, Sobhy kills his sister and her grandkids, including the kid who tried to escape and tried to bargain with him to take his piggybank instead. And then he set the apartment on fire and even cried with the spectators just to not incriminate himself. Yeah.

Le3bet Newton – The Birth Scene

Here’s the thing about birth scenes on TV — they’re already pretty traumatizing on their own, what, with the screaming and the excruciating pain and all and not to mention all the complications. But Le3bet Newton’s birth scene took all of this and upped the ante.

See, our problem with Hana was that she was irrational and frantic and alone…and then she was all of that AND had to give birth in a scene that transcended the screen to make us all feel just how alone and scared and pained she was. Just imagine how agonizing that was, nervous breakdown aside for now.

Welad Nas – The Bus Crash

A crash is always an unfortunate thing and the bus crash from Welad Nas is no different. In fact, this monster crash has given nearly everyone on the show physical and mental scars as they try to move past it to go around their lives.

Because the bus crash is a mystery featured in all episodes, there’s no clip yet — so enjoy Maged El-Kedwany making you cry here instead

And you know what the worst part is? Because we keep finding out new things about the crash, we keep seeing the scene in every episode, over and over, from every angle possible. Yes, it just keeps coming.

El-Ekhteyar 2 – The Entire Fifth Episode

We’re not going to beat around the bush here. This Ramadan, fewer things could be harsher than the bullet-packed fifth episode of El-Ekhteyar 2, for obvious reasons. Tackling the Raba’a Sit-ins, this episode sent us all on a time-travel trip to a recent past that we haven’t even forgotten.

And the more we saw from this episode, the more we just couldn’t handle it.

What was the scene that traumatized you the most?

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