The 6 Best Egyptian TV Douchebags!

You can say many things about Egypt’s entertainment industry (and, honestly, you probably have a lot to say about it). But there’s one thing our entertainment, especially our TV shows, do exceptionally well — introducing douchebags of the highest caliber, almost without fail!

Seriously. If you begin to count the instances of douchebag characters in our shows, you’ll probably never finish.

And, well, that’s why we took the liberty of making this list — just so we can select the characters who reached the heights of douchebaggery!


Here’s the thing — we’re pretty sure that you can’t like anyone less than you like Khaled from 7adret El-Motaham Aby. He’s just the Grade-A douchebag.

When we see him, he and his friends commit assault, which literally launches the plot of the show. But he doesn’t stop there. Posh and entitled, Khaled goes after Hana, tells her he loves her…and then he kills her. He’s really not winning Man of the Year here.


We’ll be frank here. This man has been a figment of our imaginations for so long, we kind of forgot he was real. And you might have too…until this video resurfaced anyway.

Now that you’ve seen this, we bet you know this person is a douchebag. It’s literally written all over his dialogue, as cringey and 2003 as it was.

Bassem Abou El-Souod

Come on now, did you really think we could do a Douchebag List without this man in it? Perhaps the best known a**hole of the early 2000’s, Bassem has kinda faked an identity, tricked a girl into marrying him, left her when she got pregnant and for what? A favor to a friend — make it make sense.

Also, just before you say it, this friend is just as much of a douchebag if not more evil.

Hossam Youssef

There’s two sides of Hossam in El-7a2ee2a Wel Sarab. And the first one, who acted like he owned the world and all girls were fighting over him for some unseeable reason, was a douchebag.

After the transformation into a, you know, good person, you might say Hossam changed for the better. But then again, he only did that to marry his step-sister.

Abdelwahab Abdelghaffour

We get it, just before you say anything. Abdelwahab is misunderstood and is suffering from many existential dilemmas and expectations. But since when did that become an excuse to be an extreme douchebag to everyone around him?

Let’s round up the tally here. He’d been constantly dismissive of his sisters and their interests and he hadn’t even invited his family to his wedding, among other things. And not to mention — he’d been planning to infiltrate Rosaline’s dad’s business just like she was planning on working with his dad.


Look, he’s the protagonist and everything, but that doesn’t mean Maghawry doesn’t have a little bit (or a lot of) douchebaggery in him.

With that haircut, it’s kind of a given that some jerk-with-a-heart-of-gold tendencies will follow. It’s what’s making him entertaining to follow…you know, other than the fact that he’s the namesake for Ronaldo’s kid.

Any douchebags we missed? Tell us!

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