The 6 Movies Coming Your Way In Eid 2021!

Enough with the TV series already, huh? As hard as saying goodbye to Ramadan is, we kind of miss our old routine. But wait, before we get back to that, we still have a round of films to watch. Here’s a list of all the announced Eid El Fitr movies so far!

El Ens Wel Nems

Mohamed Heneidy and Menna Shalaby; we’ve been holding breaths ever since the announcement. The movie’s editing is being finalized as we speak so it’ll most probably get a Eid premiere. Fingers crossed!

Thanya Wahda

Does this whole thing feel like a fever dream or what? We mean, Dina El Sherbiny and Moustafa Khateer? We just can’t miss that…

Mesh Ana

A Tamer Hosny fan or not, you can’t deny the poster is interesting. Let’s see what Negm El Geel has up his sleeve for us next.


The star-studded movie had been delayed too many times we’re starting to lose count. (X) time’s a charm?

Ahmed Notredam

Well, looks like it’s happening. Ready or not, Ramez Galal’s latest creations will be on our Eid screens!

Ashbah Europa

Another movie we feel is too jinxed is Haifaa Wahby’s. Like what, postponed for two years in a row? Let’s all hope it comes out to the light so we would at least stop adding it to our lists! 

Not that there’s much but..any preferences you guys?

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