The 6 Weirdest Dates Egyptian Girls Have Been On!

There are a lot of horrible things in life and we know it. And on that list of horrible things is weirdly bad dates, which are incredibly worse in the moment they happen.

But as time goes on weird dates do become extremely useful for one thing — telling funny stories about them of course! And on one online thread, we found these 6 girls doing just that.

“He started the date half-asleep…and then it got worse”

As one girl tells us, this date memory of hers is oddly special because, well, it’s not like you forget the time you go on a date with a person who’s still in the dreamland.

“But that’s not at all what happened,” the girl continued. “After he finally joined us in the land of the living, he started reading up on all the news that missed him. And I was still there.”

“He broke up with me after ONE expensive meal”

Some dates are just weird. You know how it goes — a person asks one person out and if they offer to treat them, then that’s generally a good sign. Not for this girl, though.

“He said he was treating me to sushi,” the story-teller said. “And I was really happy because it’s been a long time in the making and he was treating me with his first paycheck.”

So what happened? “He dumped me the next day!”

“I got my knuckles cracked”

Some dates are honestly just more weird than bad or good. And this goes for this one because it’s just really weird and, in hindsight, kind of red flag-y.

“We were holding hands, that’s it,” the girl said. “And then I got a little sarcastic and I joked about how romantic it was, so he cracked my knuckles!”

“We had a very interesting talk about Q-Net”

Nothing is more important on a date than good vibes and goo conversations, right? Well, if that’s the case, how would you feel about a lengthy conversation involving pyramid schemes?

“I’m not joking,” the girl telling the story said. “He spent a lot of time just talking to me about Q-Net and how he wanted me to join him!”

“He had two kids and it didn’t come up in conversation”

There’s nothing quite like honesty, is there? But you know what? We actually kind of prefer honesty to be an upfront thing rather than just a ‘surprise!’ moment. Just like this girl does.

“We had a perfect date — just perfect,” she said. “It was like something out of a movie. Right up to the point where I accidentally discovered he had two kids he said nothing about!”

And the kicker here? Well — “I’m only, like, ten years older than his kids!”

“I fell asleep while he was talking”

So here’s the thing — chemistry really matters in a relationship, even if it’s a potential one. And apparently, so does a certain caffeine intake because this sleeping thing happens a lot more than you think it does.

“It was just so weird, I wasn’t even sleepy or anything,” the girl said. “But he kept talking and talking and eventually I just couldn’t keep up.”

What a ride, we know! Do you have any weird dates you want to share with us?

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