The 7 Best Nour El-Sherif Shows: RANKED

In a way, some actors have always been a part of our lives through the screen. You know, how we’ve all basically got used to Yousra being around for a TV show every year and how there’s always an old comedy starring either Heneidy, Ahmed Helmy, or Mohamed Saad being re-run somewhere.

But you know which actor whose influence we can’t ever deny? Nour El-Sherif. He just had it all and always left an impact…but have you ever asked yourself just which of his shows are the absolute best? Because ranking his shows can get a little tedious and you’re about to read all about it.

6 / 3a2elat El-7ag Metwally

Yes, dead last is the one and only 7ag Metwally. But just because a show placed 7th on the list doesn’t mean it’s bad, it just means the other shows here are better with more intricate storylines that don’t read like a funny cautionary tale about being stuck under the thumb of an unlearning textile tycoon for years and years.

5 / 3eish Ayamak and El-Ragol El-A5ar

A tie between two equally good shows, 3eish Ayamak was a show about a married man bored with his routine life and seeking change (aka having a midlife crisis) and El-Ragol El-A5ar was about a horrible man who gets amnesia and finds himself living with the good people of a working class neighborhood as his relatives try to find him.

Both shows balance comedy and drama with a not-so-hidden moral tied into the events but with the storytelling and the characters Nour El-Sherif plays, well, it’s hard to pick out one that comes on top.

4 / El-Ra7aya

A family saga set in the Egyptian countryside, an evil (kinda possessed) Sawsan Badr, really good performances from everyone around to go with an interesting story — what’s not to love about this one? It only makes sense that this show finds its place in the middle of this list.

3 / 7adret El-Motaham Aby

A story for the ages, 7adret El-Motaham Aby has never left public consciousness because of two things. That opening theme by Medhat Saleh and Nour El-Sherif’s acting as the father only trying to do right by his children. In fact, if it wasn’t for only two more better shows, it would have gotten first place.

2 / El-Seera El-3ashoreya: El-7arafish

El-Seera El-3ashoreya was honestly one hell of a show. It’s based on El-7arafeesh by Naguib Mahfouz, adapted well onto the screen, and perfected by performances from not only Nour El-Sherif but Egypt’s other dad-figure Hesham Selim, as well as Magda Zaki, Elham Shahine, Hady El-Gayar and more! Literally, the making of an epic.

1 / Lan A3eesh Fi Gelbab Aby

What, did you expect any other show to get the top spot? This show literally stood the test of time and is still religiously watched every time there’s a re-run for good reasons. Memories aside, the narrative is genuinely compelling as is the constant struggle between Abdelwahab and Abdelghaffour, which is maybe the first and only time in Egyptian TV where you could actually side and understand both sides of an argument.

So, what do you think? Do you agree with our ranking?

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