The Address Investments Showed Us What Celebrating Valentine’s Day Is All About!

What does Valentine’s Day mean to you? Take a moment to think about this. It could mean anything from indulging your sweet tooth on every kind of chocolate ever or getting dressed up for a date. And no matter the meaning, it will always be about one thing—celebrating the power of love and hearts!

And what’s a better way to celebrate the sheer power of love than to shine the spotlight on the Magdy Yacoub Heart Foundation (MYHF) on Valentine’s Day, the literal day of love? Nothing could be.

And that’s exactly what the Family of The Address Investments (TAI) did for this Valentine’s Day!

For most companies, it’s all work and no play and an employee is just an employee. This is where The Address Investments differs, though, because the employees aren’t just daily workers—they’re a Family, through and through, and families like these know exactly how to celebrate the love.

The TAI Family decided to go all out and created a hashtag called #TAIGoodHearts in honor of the occasion and decided to show us all one of the most wholesome ways to celebrate love as a professional young persona by collaborating with the Magdy Yacoub Heart Foundation.

In the hashtag, you will find every Family member who’s decided to show us their good heart by joining in on the festivities of Valentine’s Day. And right about now you must be wondering just what TAI will be doing with the Magdy Yacoub Heart Foundation—and you’re about to find out!

Since Valentine’s Day is, after all, about loving hearts, there’s nothing more fitting than spreading awareness about heart diseases and how they affect people’s lives. And this is just what TAI will be doing in their collaboration with MYHF.

The Address Investments isn’t just planning on spreading awareness. The company will also be stocking up on every single “heart reaction” on its campaign’s post on Facebook and Instagram because for every “heart reaction”, a member of the Family will donate to the Magdy Yacoub Heart Foundation.

And it doesn’t end at that either! For every single employee donation, The Address Investments itself will double the amount of that donation to do its part as a company as well as encourage even more people to join in. And 5 days after the day of love, the company will announce the amount of the donation to show us all just what the true meaning of love is!

Now tell us—what’s a better way to celebrate Valentine’s Day than by having a really Good Heart?

Check out The Address Investments’ post now and don’t forget the “heart reaction”!

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