The Best 5 Hair Salons for Curly Hair!

It’s long been said (well, by some people anyway) that a trip to the hair salon is the best medicine for a day gone awry! And for a lot of people, it actually is.

But here’s the thing — none of those people has ever had curly hair. And, yes, that matters because curly hair is an entirely different league of its own. Curls need special attention. They need devotion and that’s why you need to go to specialists.

And, yes, this is why this list will be your new lifesaver!

Toi Beauty Salon

dry-cut as seen on Toi’s Instagram page

Well, we couldn’t start off this list without a mention of Toi Beauty Salon. And once you visit this hair haven, you’ll find out just why. Devoted to you and your curls, Toi will help you find your look.

The Curly Hair Studio

via The Curly Hair Studio Instagram

A living legend among the curly spaces, The Curly Hair Studio has become something of a classic for all the right reasons. Once you go, not only will you learn to love your hair, you will style it and learn about its maintenance too!

G Curls

via G Curls Facebook

Get ready to meet a spot we know is steadily going to become your favorite! Friendly in atmosphere as much as it is professional, G Curls will take your hand to guide you on your curly hair journey.

Curlique AKA Yara Abdeen

via Curlique Facebook

Yes, this one isn’t a beauty salon. But the one-woman dream team that is Curlique will change your life (and your hair) so thoroughly and beautifully, you’ll wish you found her sooner!

Curl Me Crazy

via Curly Me Crazy Instagram

Founded by a Lorraine Massey-trained hair guru, Curl Me Crazy is all about your au naturel hair and, yes, you’ll love every second of it, formulas and products and all.

What are you waiting for? The curly crown awaits!

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