The Best Egyptian Memes of 2020!

With us staying at home for half a year and being thoroughly confused for the other half, you can bet that the quality of our memes generally improved this year.

2020 is honestly one of the best years for Egyptian meme creation and these memes, listed down here, just prove it!

Fady Adalat

Honestly, this man is one living Egyptian gem on his own. And this year, his meme that goes “ana entafet” has been one constant mood.

Tamer Hosny’s “ya sater” meme

As disagreed upon as Tamer Hosny’s acting has been, you cannot argue with one thing. You’ll always find a meme sprouting out of it.

“Mashy” — Sa’ad El-Soghayar meme

We do not know how this one came through, but it’s been everywhere and it encompasses every emotion we’ve ever felt this year.

“El-Bent Di 3’areeba Awi”

You know what else came as a result of quarantine and too many reruns of Lan A3eesh Fi Gelbab Aby? This legendary Abdelwahab meme. It fits everything, no matter how much you change it and you know it!

This Bassem Samra meme

Okay, so this meme truly doesn’t die down. Literally, every year, someone reinvents this scene and comes up with something different.

Tamer Hosny and Basma’s breakup

Honestly, this one was one rollercoaster that we still can’t fully comprehend. And the best part was Tamer Hosny’s “motahawera bs ba7ebek” line…straight out of Omar w Salma!

El-Adya Momken

Said first during the most-watched Cairo Derby of all time, el-adya momken was the phrase that went viral in no time after Ahly SC won the CAF Champion’s League!

Ahlan Ahlan meme

Funny, effortless, and everywhere all at once. This meme has been everywhere recently and we honestly love it!

Ahmed Sa’ad and Hany Shaker

Admit it, you’ve seen this video and all the memes that followed afterwards. We did and, honestly, as funny as it’s been — we cannot remove Ahmed Sa’ad’s laughing face from our consciousness.

Sa’ad El-Soghayar again

Yes, another Sa’ad El-Soghayar meme in one year. And, yes, it’s just as hilarious as the first one!


As much as we’ve been sympathizing with the little sad ghost girl, we couldn’t help but be terrified by her at the beginning of Paranormal and this, naturally, brought the best of memes.

Mohamed Ramadan’s fall

Come on, you’ve seen this meme. You did and you’ve seen its one-thousand reiterations. And you’ve seen how they’re always funny.

Abo Hashima’s tiger-print fetish

Yes, it was this year that we collectively noticed that every woman Abo Hashima has dated was connected to tiger-print.

Ahmed El-Awady’s infamous frown

Frowning on the show so much put Ahmed El-Awady on every Egyptian citizen’s radar. It’s honestly been embedded into our brains.

7amo Beeka

A walking meme, 7amo Beeka has blessed us with many moments from “baton baleh” to “fi lama keteer” to many, many more.

“7ad hena min Qowesna?”

This video honestly speaks for itself, doesn’t it? Well, if you know anyone from Qowesna…

What a year it’s been, huh?!

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