The Best Foreign Movies of 2020!

Since we’ve basically spent half this year at home, we’ve become something of movie connoisseurs, right? We had all the time in the world to watch every movie on our watchlist and then some because the releases were just not stopping!

And because of that, we’ve decided to round down the best foreign movies of this year for your reading pleasure. P.S.: add them to the list, if you haven’t already seen them.

The Platform

Thrilling and bleakly terrifying, this Spanish movie is as thought-provoking and will leave you pondering the human condition of, you know, existence for days on end afterwards.


Mind-bending and wild as hell, this Nolan creation was all anyone could talk about for good reason. And, honestly, it gets better the more you rewatch it.


A journey of immigration and estrangement between a father and his daughter, Tigertail is an excellent study of how sometimes life just doesn’t go the way we want it.

I’m Thinking of Ending Things

Confusing and bewildering and poignant till the end, I’m Thinking of Ending Things will leave you feeling three things. Amazed, not exactly sure of what’s going on, and cold.

The Old Guard

Immortality, war, and fantasy, what else can you want in a movie like this one? Honestly, if you’re in for a thriller, the Old Guard is the movie for you.


Are you ready to see David Fincher’s genius as he shows us the full story, in black and white, of how cinema classic Citizen Kane was written? We know — this is a one-answer question!


If you’re a fan of seeing Queen’s Gambit’s Anna Taylor-Joy in a different era setting, you’re going to love Emma. In this movie, based on the Jane Austen classic, you’ll love Taylor-Joy even more!

Selah and The Spades

An intriguing look into mildly-dangerous high school shenanigans, Selah and the Spades gave us all we needed and more, including a mean girl that can rival Regina George.

His House

The horrors of becoming a refugee and fleeing your country get turned into an actual horror movie in His House. And the end result? A movie so intense and brilliant, it’ll leave you reeling!

Sound of Metal

What happens when a metal music drummer starts losing his hearing and might never possibly recover it? Well, what happens is the Sound of Metal — and, yes, this movie is amazing at every turn.

The Father

Imagine doubting reality and doubting if your own family is even telling you the truth. Imagine not knowing the truth and feeling so utterly lost and isolated. Done? Now imagine this role played by Anthony Hopkins and you’ll see why this movie is insane.


This Brazilian movie about a “vanishing” village starts off, innocently enough, about death in a village and a woman who left returning back to it. But when the huntings begin, things are anything but ordinary.


Horror movies took it up a notch this year, honestly. And Relic, a movie about dementia in the family and generational bonds between a grandmother and her daughter and grandchild, just prove it.


An excellent exercise in loneliness and nomadic living, Nomadland is a brilliant experience and a character study you’ll lose yourself in watching. Trust us.

See? We told you it was a fantastic year for film!

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