The Best Ramadan Performances of 2021!

You know the drill by this point, don’t you? Every Ramadan, our eyes are glued to our TV screens (and our laptops and our phones — you get the point) as we watch our fix of daily TV shows. And every year, we have a lot of opinions about these shows and their actors — specifically, are their performances among the best or worst in the season?

And this year, Ramadan’s no different and neither are we, so we’re going to list down all the top-notch performances we’ve noticed this. Read up, you may find a surprise or two!

Mona Zaki

When we first got word that Mona Zaki was back after a long Ramadan hiatus, we were all excited because we knew she’ll give us the performance of a lifetime. And we were right! Love her or (probably) hate her, Hana on Le3bet Newton is certainly a complicated, emotional character and most of that comes down to the talent.

Mayan El-Sayed

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You cried for her character, didn’t you? Well, if you didn’t, you certainly still felt all sorts of emotions because Mayan El-Sayed was one of the most outstanding performances on Harb Ahleya and we all know it. With her roles in Le3bet Newton and Hagma Mortada, too, it’s safe to say she killed it this Ramadan.

Jamila Awad

Yes, another face from Harb Ahleya! One of the show’s surprises was giving us Jamila Awad as a complicated antagonistic figure in the beginning of the show, which is a performance Jamila gives justice as she makes us both hate her and see where she’s coming from.

Amina Khalil

If you’ve seen everyone talking about Khaly Balak Min Zizi, you gotta know it’s for a good reason. And one of those reasons is the acting because the entire cast are out-performing themselves and this, naturally, goes to Amina Khalil as the titular Zizi as well!

Noha Abdeen

Another standout performance from the Zizi show, Noha Abdeen was one actress we all loved seeing on-screen…even if we had a lot to say about her character Nelly’s actions. With her expressions and mannerisms fitting her perfectly, especially in the context of her family’s drama.

Tarek Lotfy

This Ramadan, all anyone could talk about those first few days was Tarek Lotfy and his stellar performance on El-Qahera Kabul. You can say anything you want about the show itself but the actor is faultless — easily moving from intimidating to sinister to vulnerable in a matter of seconds.

Fathy Abdelwahab

And if we’re speaking about El-Qahera Kabul, we just can’t forget Fathy Abdelwahab or his performance as the money-worshipping, morally-bankrupt Tarek Kassab. With his natural charisma and skilled acting chops, the character just comes to life, all pride included.

Injy El-Mokkaddem

Absolutely killing it this year, we also had Injy El-Mokkaddem who simply stood out in her roles on El-Ekhteyar 2 as the lovable Nadia and on Hagma Mortada as Nazly, giving us two performances that left us wanting more.

Ahmed Mekky

Speaking of El-Ekhteyar 2, this just wouldn’t be a conversation without us bringing up Ahmed Mekky and his role as Youssef, the conflicted fighter with a lot on his shoulder. It didn’t hurt that Mekky simply brought him to life.

Karim Abdelaziz

Yes, another El-Ekhteyar 2 face! But, honestly, can we even talk about best performances and not bring up Karim Abdelaziz? With his effortless charm and easy acting, Karim Abdelaziz simply stole the show!

Mohamed Farag

We had a whole article about how Mohamed Farag is this Ramadan’s It Boy and you know what? We still stand by it because this actor is still killing it out there as Mo’nes on Le3bet Newton and Karim on Ded El-Kasr and we just need to see more.

Mohamed Mamdouh

Flexing his range and toying with our emotions, Mohamed Mamdouh simply had us both love him this season as the precise but lovable Murad on Khaly Balak Min Zizi and hate him as Hazem, aka the literal manifestation of what a human red flag looks like. And we wouldn’t have had it any other way!

Aly Kassem

Speaking of blowing us away, Aly Kassem did just that as he made us feel for him, pity him, and even hate him at some points during Khaly Balak Min Zizi as Hesham Assal. And we just can’t wait to see how he blows us away in Le3bet Newton.

Mohamed Tharwat

Easily one of the best performances this Ramadan, Mohamed Tharwat killed it on Bein El-Sama Wel Ard as Galal, the downtrodden engineer who has honestly been through so much without the whole asylum plot. And you know what? This range and flip-flopping between the comedic and the tragic without missing a beat speaks volumes of the actor’s talent.

Which performances do you think stole the show this Ramadan?

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