The Most Terrifying Egyptian Legends of All Time!

If you know the first thing about scary stories, you’ll know one thing to be true. American horror stories are nothing more than Horror Lite…actually, most foreign horror stories feel like that to us — PG-rated and generally not that scary to begin with.

But, of course, if you’re Egyptian then you’ve been raised on the same diet of legitimately scary stories that we’ve all had. And you must know we’ll never run out of them.

Like what, you might ask? Well, we’re not really sure you really want to know…but if you’re really that brave, the answers are right here!

Omena El-Ghoula

Even if you don’t know the full story of this ghoulish lady, you must have heard of her and been just as intrigued as you were curious.

Basically, Omena El-Ghoula’s whole thing is that she’s a regular lady that transforms into a ghoul at night and goes out to eat people (mostly little kids) as well as, you know, grave-rob some dead people too.

And Egyptian parents saw it fit to threaten their kids with Omena El-Ghoula, if they ever misbehave. Go figure!

Abo Regl Masloo5a

This terrifying Egyptian monster isn’t really that much of a monster, if you really think about. Abou Regl Masloo5a’s big Gotcha Factor is that he has one burnt, disfigured leg and that he uses that to terrify and then kidnap children who don’t listen to their parents (and, sure, you didn’t see that coming!)

much like Bigfoot, no real photos of Abo Regl Masloo5a exist…and no one drew him either, so we have someone else’s creepy foot monster instead!

According to some, though, Abou Regl Masloo5a is only like this because he got disfigured as a child so his mother hid him for many years. And that the first time he went out after that, kids were so terrified of him that he decided to take revenge by being a bogeyman. Yeah.

Glass-Eye Jinn

Guess what other terrifying monster Egyptian parents came up with to terrify their kids for no real reason? A blind Jinn who has glass eyes and, for some reason, shows up to terrify kids by creeping on them and showing up literally under their legs.


The most terrifying Egyptian legend of all, El-Nadaha is an extraordinarily beautiful woman who pops out in the middle of rivers in the countryside at night to enchant men into following her by simply calling their names.

It’s unclear whether the men she calls become her servants or her soon-to-be-dead victims, but it’s been unanimously agreed upon that hearing her is a Very Bad Thing.


Did you know that Egyptians have made an Anti-Tooth Fairy demon to terrify their children into brushing their teeth? Well, now you know!

El-Shamama’s whole deal is that she shows up when little kids don’t brush their teeth at night (or don’t brush them well), by following the smell of their unbrushed teeth because her sense of smell is that strong.

It’s unclear if she eats kids or not.


Hey, remember when many people were scared of a vaguely-real monster called El-Sel3awa? Well, El-Sel3awa is apparently a big thing in Egyptian legend territory.

See, it’s a creature that’s a wolf-dog-fox hybrid that’s incredibly fast and devious and can literally become invisible. And apparently it goes back to Pharaonic times, since the Sel3awa used to guard Egyptian temples and kill their trespassers.

The Were-Teddy Bear

Technically an urban legend and automatically the least threatening on this list, the Were-Teddy Bear has a weird story.

See, there was once a woman who bought a big stuffed bear one day, not knowing that the bear was made of stuffing that came from various corpses all over Egypt.

a whole new meaning to Toy Story

And every day when the woman went to work, she’d return home to find it perfectly tidy and would think her husband was the one who cleaned…until she told him and discovered he didn’t do anything.

So, one day, the woman pretended to go out and left for five minutes and returned to see that the big stuffed bear was making French fries in the kitchen (yes, this is a real story). Long story short, the teddy-bear attacked her and burnt her face as a consequence to her curiosity.

All terrifying Egyptian legends, like many horror stories, seem to start with bad parenting. Yes, really.

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