Things Every 90s/2000s Kid Collected!

We all collected weird things as kids, didn’t we? Well, let’s take you on a walk down memory lane and recount together the coolest kid in school starter pack!

Silly Bands

Definitely lived up to their name. The one kid in school with so many on their wrist was hands down the coolest!

Yo Yos

It wasn’t just a boys’ thing. Girls were into Yo Yo too. We had competitions and all. 

Anime Cards

Okay this was merely a boys’ thing. They played with those all day, every day. It was intolerable!

Glass Marbles

This is more of a 90s thing. But do you guys remember that kid with a bag full of those? We all hated him/her.

Hair Clips

Now for the girly stuff. Why did we own so many hair-clips? Especially those butterfly ones? We were obsessed!

Troll Dolls

Ah, those cute little guys with long colored hair. If you had them, you were a spoiled kid with too many Happy Meals under your belt.

Friendship Bracelets 

It’s a 2000s staple, right? Some kids in school were actually making a living out of selling those!

So guys, what was your collection of choice?

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