This Is How SAK Developments Double Celebrated Mother’s Day This Year!

On the 21st of March, some spend Mother’s Day celebrating their moms, some their wives and others just use the opportunity to pay homage to all the strong resilient women in their life. But in the joy of the day, we often forget those who are less fortunate than ourselves. Gladly though, the right people don’t.

This year, SAK Developments were there to save the day. The leading real-estate company went above and beyond with their efforts to make sure that all mothers, and women for that matter, receive the amount of love and support they only deserve on their special day.

Driven by their belief that the idea of a better community solely comes from supporting others and acknowledging how they too, as a brand, owe it to our society to actively pay it forward; SAK Developments took the initiative to carry out a noble deed of their own on Mother’s Day.

You know how people, brands and companies usually celebrate the day by sending out appreciation gifts to mothers at home? Well, in an attempt to broaden the spectrum and spread the joy even more, SAK decided on a better approach to the gesture. This year, they went out of their way and brought double-edged happiness to both elderly and working mothers.

With having mothers at the elderly homes and women small business owners in mind, they figured a way to honor them both in parallelism. How? Simply by thinking smart; they bought products provided by mothers who run SME projects and offered them as a gift to the women who miss out on the big day at Dar El Wafaa’ W El Amal elderly home.

By doing that, they gave a helping hand to all the moms thriving on small projects and businesses without forgetting about the women who usually don’t get to celebrate Mother’s Day altogether. But wait, the fun didn’t end here. The day, a huge success as it was, also included a lot of fun activities and lasting memories. In addition to receiving well-thought presents made by the hardworking moms, women at the elderly home enjoyed activities like a BBQ, makeovers, meeting social media influencer Natahlie Azar and so much more…

SAK Developments, led by CEO Engineer Ahmed Kadry and Marketing Communications Manager Raghda Sweilam, truly outdid themselves with this achievement. An achievement that comes as no surprise at all. Especially since they take their values and community’s needs seriously. Something that is clearly manifested in how they present themselves. We mean, after all, the name “SAK” is the abbreviation of three main company pillars. SOLIDARITY, AMBITION AND KNOWLEDGE.

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