This is Why Melouk El Gad’ana is our New Guilty Pleasure!

We knew there was potential from early on but we weren’t so sure “Melok El Gada’na” would eventually make it to our Ramadan watch list. 

We also criticized the rhetoric or the use of language in episode One (still applies by the way). However, it’s Day three already and we seem to enjoy it more than anything else! 

Why? You got us!

Bad Boys Duo

Honestly, the Amr Saad and Mostafa Shaaban package comes with an undeniable chemistry on screen. They’re sarcastic, pessimistic and even nihilistic (yeah it’s weird) at times. A weird combo that leaves you waiting for the next punchline or joke.

Appearance wise, we have to admit they both went out of their way this time. They lost a lot of weight (especially Shaaban) and went for the subtle yet bulky muscles. The choice of clothes and haircuts complements the characters as well.

Light Plot

Here’s the thing. The plot is nothing too complicated or original. On the contrary, it’s so average and full of flaws, but it works. It’s light, funny and predictable in a good way. 

Even the fighting scenes and action bits are beyond embarrassing. Yet, so entertaining.

In other words, we want to see these two underdogs make it out of the hell-hole they’re living in, get their girls, and just be happy. Simple!


Here’s another strong element. The cast always surprises you. Like, seeing Rania Youssef as Shabaan’s supporting bigger sister really threw us off. And yes, it brought back El Hag Metwally memories!

Dalal Abdel Aziz is a great addition to the ensemble. And it was great seeing Yasmine Raes on the small screen again, reminding us of her role in Khan’s Fatat El Masna’a.

Hassan El Radad as the pilot’s guest of honor was also unexpected and much appreciated. He was on for no longer than 5 minutes but his performance was on point. It even made us realize how much we missed him on the silver screen. We can’t wait for the other CAMEOS!

But the cherry on top of the cake has to be Amr Abdel Geleel. We still didn’t see much of him but we know we’re in for something really good in the next episodes. 

Bottom line, it’s our favorite guilty pleasure for this Ramadan season. It’s full of mistakes, shortcomings and plot holes but we chose to look at the half-full part of the glass. What’s your favorite guilty pleasure?

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