Top Egyptian Movies of 2020!

When we first started writing this wrap-up article for the best movies of 2020, we honestly expected to end up with 2-4 movies tops. You know, with all things considered. However, looking back on this year, we did release a surprisingly good number!

Banat Thanawy

This is the kind of movie you either love or hate. There’s no in between. Did you guys catch it in cinemas?

El Hares

This year’s “El Hares”, starring Ahmed El Fishawy and Yasmine Raes, was definitely a new take on the whole horror genre. We hope we get more of that in 2021!

El Ghasala

Okay, it wasn’t exactly a favorite for us, but hey, we got Wegz’s “El Ghasala” track out of it. So that’s something!

Les Baghdad

So that was a star-studded movie, for sure. And we bet you liked it if you’re a Mohamed Imam fan. Honestly, we’re not. Especially not in the action genre. We like him more in comedy dramas.

Ras El Sana

This is the Arabic version of the movie “Valentine’s Day.” A new concept in Egyptian movies and we’ve got to say the cinematography was legit, but the storyline was a little off.

El Sandoq El Aswad

Seeing Mona Zaki back on the big screen was undoubtedly a total blast. However, we just don’t get why they had to copy Jodie Foster’s “Panic Room”!

Which one did you guys enjoy the most?

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