Wadi El-Gen Review: Worth the Watch?

Apparently, the supernatural jinn-riddled genre is the gift that keeps on giving and you’re about to know why. Wadi El-Gen recently premiered and now, well, we have some things to say.

And if you’re into the supernatural and the thrilling, then you’ll want to stick around.

warning: possible spoilers for episode one


The story of Wadi El-Gen begins, simply enough, with a trip that vlogger Jawad and his friend Khaled go on, where they meet friends Reema and Layal, who they’re respectively drawn to.

As the story progresses the four, plus amateur vlogger Hamza, take a detour and leave their trip’s group so they could shoot some videos in the caves they were told were strictly off-limits.

The gang gets lost, however, and eventually get trapped in a cave, wherein they journey through traps and mystical illusions and come out to an entirely different world with no one around to hear them.


Since this is only the first episode, we don’t know much about our core four yet except for the surface. Jawad is the suave, perpetually cool guy while Khaled is the comic relief, Layal is the smart shy girl, and Reema is the outgoing flirty type.

The dynamics in the show are clear-cut from the beginning and yet you can’t help but feel drawn as the characters get into little tense fights that show a whole lot of unexplored history we know we’ll delve into later.

Another character we know we should keep our eye on is probably Layal’s brother Saleh, who is set to find his missing sister using telepathic powers.

But these aren’t all the characters we’re getting from Wadi El-Gen. The trailer alone showed us a horde of fantastical characters we know are going to be interesting to see, along with our main cast.


Since this is only the first episode, we know Wadi El-Gen still has a lot under its sleeve. But from the plot we’ve been told so far, well, we can only expect the plot to keep on snowballing from here on out.

If you’re missing a dose of Arab fantasy, well, it’s here to stay!

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