Wanna See Naglaa Fathy As A Cheating Wife? Here Are The Best 5 Movies!

It’s really weird how some movies are in their own genre, right? You know, how every Nadia El-Guindy movie can be filed under the “Don’t Mess With Her” genre and how every Mahmoud Yassin movie has him sorely conflicted and cheating on his wife.

And speaking of that last thing, do you know who made Distressed and Tragic and Kind Of Cheating its own genre? Yes, none other than Naglaa Fathy and here are the best 5 movies of that genre!

Gonon El-7ob

Perhaps one of the more underrated movies where there’s cheating involved, Gonon El-7ob takes us on a journey where Naglaa Fathy is a neglected wife who begins a sort-of affair with a pilot.

And, yes, things spiral out of control.

La Ya Man Kont Habibi

Alright, so in this one, Naglaa Fathy’s character is here with the right spirit and only flirts with a lawyer to get her fiancé out of jail…that is, of course, until she and the lawyer fall madly in love and, yes, a lot of consequences follow.


What’s going to be more poignant than a tragic love story starring both Naglaa Fathy and Mahmoud Yassin? Nothing, that’s what. And that’s why Ezkoreeny hits hard.

The whole Romeo and Juliet-esque vibe and the bonds that make the pair cheat on their spouses (emotionally and physically, which is a douche move in hindsight) just solidify the tragedy of it all.

Sana Oola Hob

In this movie, Naglaa Fathy is a revolutionary at heart who falls in love with Mahmoud Yassin (again) and cheats on the corrupt minister she was forcibly married to.

yes, Mahmoud Yassin was there A LOT

And not only that, she actually falls in love with the person who’s attempting to assassinate him. Yeah — a story for the ages!

Damy Wa Domo3y Wa Ebtisamaty

In this movie, we get to have a morally-grey Naglaa Fathy who cheats on Hussein Fahmy’s character, a man who wants her to “get with” his boss so he could get ahead at work.

and this man wore a cape to represent his evil, no joke

Yeah and before you can say ‘yikes’, we see Naglaa Fathy’s character go through it all from being in love to marry some guy just for status sake to embracing her “villainy”.

Yes, it’s a whole genre!

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