What To Buy For Valentine’s Day!

Now that it’s right around the corner, we can’t beat around the bush. We need to talk about Valentine’s Day! More specifically, the gift ideas for Valentine’s Day.

See, gift shopping doesn’t get trickier than this and we all want to buy some very special things for our special significant others. So without further ado, we’ve rounded up all the viable gift options for him and her!

realme Buds Air Neo, Buds Q, Watch S, and 7i

If you’ve ever wanted to give your significant other a truly awesome gift but couldn’t quite figure it out, well, we’re here to say we got you covered! See, realme has a few gadgets that will wow your partner and transport them right into the future.

Like the realme Buds Air Neo, which has an Instant Auto Connection and Intelligent Touch Control—you won’t even have to take your phone out! All you’ll do is touch the Buds Air Neo to activate them.

And you also have the realme Buds Q, which are feather-light long-battery buds that can help you enjoy listening to music and watching videos for almost 20 hours & the Buds Q were brought to life by Hermes Designer Jose Levy; couldn’t really ask for more.

The realme affordable surprises only continue with the Watch S, which has a real-time heart-rate monitor and a 15-day battery life as well as 16 sports modes, and the realme 7i, which has a massive battery that can last for ages and 90Hz smooth display that will make your partner wonder how they ever lived without it!

And you know what the best thing about all these realme products is? You get to gift products of great quality to your loved one and still remain within the lines of an affordable budget, which is more than you can say about other products!


Get ready to celebrate love! Feel the love all year round only with adidas Valentine’s Day 2021 gifts collection. Visit https://www.adidas.com.eg/valentines_day to discover their variety of footwear, tracksuits, shirts, and benefit from their very special Valentine’s offer! Make your partner happy and stylish this Valentine’s.


For this extra special Valentine’s Day, why don’t you treat your sweetheart to a type of comfort she’ll absolutely love? With Carina’s new Valentine’s pajama line, Red Capsule, now in all of the brand’s stores and website, you just might. A limited edition in essence, the Red Capsule line has a variety of different pajamas that were specifically designed for Valentine’s Day with a vivid red theme that will put the word ‘pamper’ to the test!

Shop for the Valentine’s collection here: www.carinawear.com/valentine. Add the promo code CRVALEN20 to your cart to get 20% off starting the 11th of February until the 14th of February.

Mr. Baker

Nothing says V-Day quite like chocolate does and there’s certainly nothing that screams perfect chocolate like Mr. Baker’s chocolate does! Be sure, the minute you treat your sweetheart to the chocolate goodness, you won’t need a card.

Box of Roses

Roses for Valentine’s Day might sound a tad cliche for your taste…right until you see what Box of Roses is doing. Simple, romantic, and wholly whimsical, this might just be the perfect topper for the day of love.

Candles by Posé

If there’s anything that’s all the rage right now, it’s definitely some stellar scented candles. But you know what could really take the cake and draw a smile on your significant other’s face for V-Day? Some sculpted candles by Candles By Posé that smell just as good as they look!


Fluffy, chic, and naturally the perfect gift for the perfect occasion, these bags by Faux have pretty much sealed the deal!


Particular, sleek, and always making moves, every shoe in Vatrina tells a story…and maybe your sweetheart’s story will be that they got the world’s most perfect gift for Valentine’s.

Mont Blanc

For V-Day, there’s going to be a lot more than love in the air if you decide to get your significant other this little treat from Mont Blanc. Both found in Faces, the Legend Spirit Eau De Toilette and the Lady Emblem L’Eau De Toilette have fragrances that will knock anyone off their feet!

What are you waiting for? Go all out, in the name of love!

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