Why Is Society Okay With People Horribly Treating Exes?

So, two people are dating and they’re having a grand old time and everything’s okay until it isn’t. They break up and go their separate ways.

And that should be it, right? You’d think so but then each of these people start being horrible and badmouthing the other for no reason whatsoever — and for some reason, everyone lets this pass and no one says anything.

Here’s the thing — the minute you think about how nonsensical being horribly bad to an ex without any real reason is, you’ll never really find a way around it.

Just why do we let this happen?

Okay, so let’s get back to the breakup bit a little. Obviously we’d like to preface this by saying that not all people are vindictive and that sometimes some exes manage to be friends just fine, but others — well, other people don’t really have the best of breakups.

Sometimes the relationship is too damaged that it naturally leaves behind bitter feelings. And that in turn makes people say some rather mean things about each other, which is all fine because being that kind of upset is only human after all.

However, what’s not humane at all is the fact that some people take the bitterness a little too close to heart and and use it as an excuse to make their ex’s life a living hell. Whether by sabotaging their next relationships or, even in some cases, job opportunities.

Obviously, we don’t need to elaborate on why that’s some horrible behavior, we know, but things like that apparently need saying now.

See, if you’ve been on social media recently, you’ll know that people are holding nothing back and the more ingrained “Haha Let’s Be Toxic Together” culture is becoming, the more this is just a sad reality.

Being this unaware of your actions, especially if you’re only doing that to fit into the typical ex type or for just giggles, just leads you to being a horrible person and spreading the whole thing to other people, who would also think it’s funny.

And we don’t need to point further than the guy who made a joke video about ruining an ex-girlfriend’s ‘reputation’ just to be funny. Because society says that’s funny and acceptable and TV shows and movies copied that to a tee.

Next time you have bitter feelings about an ex, please just be bitter without being evil. That’s basic human decency.

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