Yasein El-Saka on “El-Malek” Suspension, His Passion for Cinema, Role Models, and More!

Like every year, particularly during the Ramadan season, up and coming stars keep making themselves present in the Egyptian entertainment scene. Most of them know exactly how to grab the audience’s attention with their promising talents and skills.

One of those rising stars is none other than our very own Egyptian actor Ahmed El-Saka’s eldest son Yasein El-Saka. 

We’ve seen Yasein a few times on screen back in the day when he used to portray the younger version of his father in movies like “Ibn El-Konsol”, for instance. Mainly due to the major resemblance in features, of course.

However, we never really got to catch a glimpse of Yasein’s talent. And this Ramadan 2021, we were nearing an actual chance to see the 20-year-old perform on screen in the controversial and now-suspended Amr Youssef’s “El-Malek” series about the great “Ahmose” based on the novel written by the one and only Naguib Mahfouz.

We took this as an opportunity to chat with Yasein and get to know his thoughts concerning the news of the temporary suspension of what could’ve been his first real television appearance.

We also talked to him about his education, future plans, passion for cinema, his role models and more!

1- What do you have to say about “El-Malek” being suspended for the time being?

I’m extremely disappointed with the decision especially after all the hard work everyone has put into this project. Hopefully the decision could be reversed.

Generally speaking, art should always be free and reflective of the directors’ vision above all. This is how it is worldwide. Modernizing novels should never be a crime.

2- Do you think social media and heavy criticism should have a hand in how TV and film production operates? 

Never. Anyone with an idea and a pen and a paper should be allowed to send the message they want when it comes to cinema – that’s how legendary films, series, and even books are made.

3- When did you realize you wanted to be an actor? Did you pursue that in your education?

I’ve always had a passion for acting growing up. I was always intrigued by and curious about not being myself, and I feel that I get to do that through acting and even directing. My mother was actually the one who made me fall in love with cinema.

As for my education, I studied drama in school and always participated in school plays. After graduating from high school, I applied to several universities worldwide before getting accepted into The New School in New York where I was awarded a scholarship. Its graduates include the likes of Marlon Brando, Bradley Cooper, Jonah Hill, Tennessee Williams, and many others. I’m so grateful I get to learn from the best.

4- Who could you say are your role models in the acting/filmmaking world? Both in Egypt and internationally.

Internationally, my favorite actors are Daniel Day Lewis, Phillip Seymour Hoffman, Eddie Redmayne, and Rami Malek – to list a few. In Egypt, I’ve always loved Ahmed Zaki, Nour El Sherif, and Mahmoud Abd El Aziz.

5- Who do you aspire to work with from the stars of today’s Egyptian entertainment scene? Actors and directors.

Marwan Hamed, Tarek El Eryan, Amr Salama, Mohamed Sami, Sherif Arafa, Amr Arafa, and several others. I’m already working with Hussein El Menebawy and needless to say, I’m really enjoying it.

6- What kind of role do you wish to present yourself with as a rising star to the Egyptian audience?

I would love to make a film based on a true story about my late grandfather Mohamed Al Sagheer and tell his inspiring story, but I don’t think my features are suitable for that role. I’ve also always wanted to make a film about mental disorders.

7- Are you currently working on a project you can talk about? And what are your future plans?

My future plans are “Blue Boy” and “I See You”, two short films in New York. That’s all I have lined up for now. I was already working on “Blue Boy” but it’s now postponed till I can go back to New York and resume filming.

8- Which of your father’s films are the closest to your heart?

“Tito”, “El-Gezira”, and “Ibrahim Labyad”.

9- Do you have other talents or hobbies you’d like to tell us about?

Honestly, cinema is my life. But I also love football, the beautiful game. 

It was great talking to Yasein and we wish him all the best in his journey!

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