Yes, Now You Can Meet Your Therapist Online—Just Ask Esaal And Its New Promocode!

It’s no secret that in this day and age, everything is much harder than it needs to be. And as the past year taught us, in terms of all its events and world-stopping pandemic, nothing has to be that difficult. In fact, doing literally anything has never been easier, especially with the whole world shifting online.

And, yes, that includes psychological services like counselling and therapy, AKA must-haves in a year like this.

Right now, you might read this and think it’s too good to be true or that we’re just bluffing along but we’re really not. The subsidiary of A15 and the biggest content aggregator in the MENA region, ArpuPlus gave us the best reveal of the year when it declared that the highly-secured consulting platform Esaal and its new virtual psychological services—now available in Egypt but will soon spread to the entire Middle East—will be totally accessible to all users.

With Esaal, not only can you talk to professionals from all sorts of fields and all walks of life—you can also have easy access to these experts on a 24/7 basis with an ensured high-responsive rate because Esaal is continuously expanding its network of experts.

“Our experts will always be on-call to provide specialized answers to patients’ questions,” Medhat Karam, CEO of ArpuPlus, said. “We also offer our users the advantage of being able to follow up with the expert in charge.”

Available in Arabic and in English, Esaal is also accessible via smartphones, personal computers, and laptops. And it doesn’t stop there, of course. If you’re looking to book an appointment with a licensed psychologist—especially an urgent one—you can now do so with one simple click.

You’ll be in safe hands all the way through this too, because this platform’s new service has been developed to accurately assess its patients as well as quickly help them find solutions to their personal, social, emotional, and/or martial problems.

Speaking of booking appointments, Esaal has made that rather easy as well as more client-convenient since you can now settle your fees either through Fawry or via credit card.

Through Esaal, an online consultancy portal to its very core, you can also be seamlessly connected to professionals from all fields to find any answer you desire through a user-friendly chat-based interface.

Perfectly suitable for the age of social distancing as well as incredibly cautious about saving your own time, Esaal as a platform is as timely as it is effective, with over 500,000 users being aided by the wide-range of certified experts.

And if you’re based out of Egypt, don’t worry. Although these new psychological services are currently limited to Egypt, this virtual 360-degree expert platform operates in more than 10 countries—including Libya, UAE, Qatar, Palestine, Algeria, KSA, and Tunisia—with a plan to cover the whole world as it grows.

Use Esaal’s promocode ES50 for fifty percent off on your first consultation!

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