Your New Born Baby Development Month by Month – Part Two

From 7 – 12 months

Continuing from our overview of your baby’s first six months, which we are sure you navigated with ease, we now take a look at what to expect as your little one grows and develops.

Seven months

At seven months, your baby should be able to sit without support. You might notice that he or she will start crawling; even though this differs from child to child, you will see that your baby is becoming more physically active. This means that you have to start taking measures in baby-proofing your household. Around this age, some children begin to develop baby teeth, which can be painful and lead to crying.

Eight months

Eight months is a fascinating age. Your baby will start holding objects more and even begin putting items into their mouths. Keep an eye on them to prevent anything from getting stuck in their throats. You might notice that separation anxiety develops at this age, and your baby might become skeptical of new people or other children.

Nine months

As we approach nine months, you can start seeing your child trying to stand up and even stay up as long as they can support themselves. Development will start speeding up now, so make sure you secure any staircase or any other objects that might be dangerous. Their language skills start improving, and they often understand the emphasis in your voice. It is wise to try to maintain routines for food and sleep during this period.

Ten months

From here, you will start to see your baby’s communication develop faster. At the age of 10 months, most kids can understand words such as “yes” and “no”; they might even be able to imitate you. You can even start playing some communication games with your baby, such as “Where is this toy?” or “Where is the table.” Your baby might surprise by pointing at those items. Some babies can even start to learn to walk during this period.

Eleven months

We are almost a year old by now! Some babies are now able to stand on their own for a few seconds at a time. Overall you will see their motor skills developing more and more. Also, colors become more attractive, so feel free to read different books together.

Twelve months

Happy birthday one-year-old! Some babies can walk without support, and their motor skills will develop at a faster pace. As a result, you will find that playing sessions are more fun and energetic. You even get to hear your first “mom” or “dad” coming out of their mouths.

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