You’re Not Egyptian If You Haven’t Seen These 11 Plays

For World Theater Day we’re handing you a very prized possession, a list of the most celebrated Egyptian plays that are the epitome of the Egyptian culture.

You should not consider yourself Egyptian if you haven’t seen these 11 plays. Shame on you! *Runs off to watch them*

By Mariam Elhamy

A classic and a personal favorite, Al Motazawegoon talks about a rich girl that falls in love with a poor man and he marries her in hope that he will get to live in her dad’s castle. When her dad decides to deny her any money for marrying a poor guy, Lina has to learn to live a humble life with her new husband.

A crime, crime scene, suspects and a witness who has seen nothing. This witness’s story is not making any sense and the judges have to make a verdict.

That scene really speaks for itself. Three mischievous kids try to prevent their dad from going away on a business trip after they find a love letter sent by who they assume is his mistress.

Three students keep failing school, they’ve been in the same class for 14 years until they stumble upon a tough teacher who knows how to deal with their trouble.

Fouad El Mohandes just never fails to make us crack up. Especially when he played a single father who has three daughters, one is married and facing problems with her husband and the other two are looking for husbands.

Played by the legend Mohamed Sobhy, Takhareef is a comedy play about a genie that appears to five siblings to make their wishes come true, so each of them asks for a wish that will eventually bring them doom. 

A girl who wants to become famous and a love triangle between Mona Zaki, Hani Ramzi and Ahmed El Sakka in Kda Okay.

It’s always hilarious to watch Adel Emam do his thing on stage. In El Zaeem he plays Zeinhom, a simple man who looks exactly like an unpopular dictator leader. Zeinhom can’t secure a job because of how he looks but he finally gets a job as a stuntman for the leader.

A more recent play done by Ahmed Ezz and Tara Emad, the comedy tells the classic Disney story of Aladdin.

Yehia El Fakharany stars in the tragedy William Shakespear play about the mythological Lear, King of Britain who divides his kingdom between his three daughters in an attempt to avoid future strife.

A very popular play in modern Egyptian theater is Masrah Masr. Known for its witty jokes and comedy that will crack you up.

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